The Carpark

Certainly not the most exciting part of any management sim ever, but since the basics of theme park management games where more or less set down as far back as the RCT days, what's really got me interested in this new generation of theme park games is how new, more powerful technology can increase the amount of variables and factors that can be worked with, minor considerations that add to an overall more interesting experience.

I was thinking about this the other day as I drove around in circles looking for a parking space at a WetnWild on Australia's Gold Coast, that the parts before the guests actually come in might make for an interesting addition. Having space for guests to park, stopping area for buses, a new kind of logistical purgatory to enjoy.

I dunno about others, but I'm happier the more wrinkles I have to iron out, and this would certainly be more interesting than having people just spawn in. Even if it was only implemented simply, like in theme park world (ps1 era) where a bus would periodically arrive and the people would get off.
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I think this is a great idea. It could be a good way of making extra money for you park to. Maybe have a monorail to move people around the car park like Alton Towers
Maybe investing in more car park spaces or multi-storey car parks?

And of course, separate car parking for resorts.
I agree, I thought the parking garage at Disney Springs was amazing. It told where and how many spots were open on every isle. I want to be able to charge for parking and even have trains bringing you from parking to the park.
This has been discussed previously, so you may want to look at any points made here. It does introduce a cost to every guest that arrives in space (though you can make money through parking tickets), and you could mitigate that through building a multi-storey, putting on coaches, or having cycle parking.
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