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I think the community as well as community managers and the social media team all need to work to make the community better. I see on Facebook all the time, people being shouted down and berated for daring to criticize the game. The mere suggestion that JWE is not perfect is met with mockery, name calling, and other generally cancerous behavior. Usually the person is told, "Go take your complaint to the forums!" like that's some magical fix all to the obvious problems. But why would they? Why would anyone want to go to a forum filled with the same trash that patrols the Facebook page? Why would anyone volunteer for more of that?

We all wanted JWE to be good, we all want it to become good. Why is any dissenting opinion, any suggestion that the game needs to be improved, any criticism of the devs treated like they have denied some great atrocity? It's shameful how bad the community is on Facebook and can only hope people work to change it.
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We strive to make the community a family friendly place but it's not our place to tell the people what they can and cannot say unless they are breaking the rules.

I'm a volunteer moderator here on the official forums and on Steam, I have no idea what or what isn't said on the Facebook community, so I can only speak for these forums here and on Steam.
I can assure you we do not allow any kind of name calling here, neither do we on Steam.

We do allow for constructive criticism to be heard here as long as it isn't breaking the rules.
I mean, that's all well an good but it's still a problem. JWE isn't doing particularly great players wise and I can't imagine that being a the public face of the community is doing any favors. I only complain because I wanted this game to be good and I hoped the community would be good.
Jurassic Park Community has always been terrible, just like all the other fandom communities on the internet. It's full of terrible people. Toxic terrible people, man children that do nothing but whine and complain about everything. I used to post on the old JPLegacy forums and it was the same deal there. A bunch of horrible people with a few decent ones sprinkled in. This game brought me back into the JP community and all it did was remind me of how terrible it is. Which is why I generally have a rule of steering clear of steering clear of internet community fandoms. They are full of garbage tier people. Getting involved makes you feel like a loser.

They are probably being shouted down cause people are sick of the incessant never ending whining about the game that's been going on steadily non-stop since it's release.

It doesn't matter what media format it is either, games, movies, TV shows whatever. They are all full of garbage people.
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