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We've got a conformation that the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Epcot, will be a roller coaster. So by 2021 Disney World will have two new roller coasters to experience, the other one being Tron Lightcycle Power Run at the Magic Kingdom.
That sounds awesome. Epcot needs a coaster anyway. [happy]
This new clip about Disney animatronics top list is great fun. Amazing how cool animatronics are today. [happy]

I love disneyland paris, and i would love to see a recreation of the main park.
But not like the recreations that are out now.
I hope someone will do it some day :)
Looking great, Skyvador. Please do post when it’s finished as would love to explore it.

I spent a long weekend in Disneyland Paris a couple of weekends ago. This was my first trip to a theme park since playing PlanCo and it really does change the way you look at things! You can really see the inspiration that the Devs must have had.

The rides are not actually the best but you really appreciate the themes and the bigger experience. Although I think I upset the wife taking photographs of scenery for inspiration..!
Here is a great treat for you theme park enthusiasts!
I recommend you to follow Defunctland on youtube, as he is doing great documentaries about the theme parks. During this may, he have posted 2 documentaries about how Disneyland Resort Paris become to be and the difficulties there was at the start.

Yesterday, Defunctland posted an interview with the imagineer behind Discovery land and Space Montain in Disneyland Paris. It is so cool to listen to what he have to tell as a real life theme park creator! [heart]


The Failure of Euro Disneyland:

The History of Disney's Best Coaster, Space Mountain: From the Earth to the Moon:

Interview w/ Imagineer Tim Delaney: Designing for Disney:
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It's been awhile, but I finally started working on WDW Space Mountain again!

Considering that the Disney parks must be the most famous of all theme parks, I'm surprised that the Walt Disney corporation has never even dipped their toes into the pool of theme park sim games (as far as I know, at least). Certainly they must be aware of a huge market of players who'd be more than willing to create and run their own little Disneyland/Disney World. At the very least, Disney could give a game like Planet Coaster the right to put out an official Disney-themed DLC. That would sell to the point of breaking the servers!

EDIT: Never mind, there is an app for that. But I was thinking more a big PC game on par with Planet Coaster.
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