The Galnet Rares Digest - your ULTIMATE guide to the rares in Elite

Rare items - lucrative and scarce - are dotted throughout the galaxy. Some are foods, others machines, some are entertaining and others are just downright dangerous.
In fact - MOST are dangerous (after all, the hint is in the name Elite: Dangerous)

For the last couple of years, the intrepid pilot Aemilia Hawk has been travelling the galaxy - researching and testing all the rares. Investigating WHY they exist, WHY they're rare and exactly what they taste like (and NOT just the foods).

Now - for the first time, and collected in ONE place is your ultimate directory of the rares in the galaxy - not just the little summary in the trade screens, but DETAIL. For your enjoyment (and as a warning to those who even THINK about opening one of those cargo pods) - the list is below.

Our thanks to the marvellous Aemilia for being brave enough to test them all out.

"This IS Aemilia Hawk of the Galnet Rares digest and she tries all of the galaxy's rarest and most dangerous commodities, so you don't have to."

NOTE: Some of them pre-date our broadcasts on YouTube and exist only as audio - we're locating these broadcasts, re-editing them and putting them up on the channel over the next few weeks.
EXTRA NOTE: Might contain innuendo and the occasional naughty word.
BONUS NOTE: More rares tested each week on Hutton Orbital LIVE - Thursdays, 2030 UK time.

Rare CommodityDate testedLink to show
HIP 118311 Swarm27/01/2022
Vidavantian Lace20/01/2022
Geawen Dance Dust06/01/2022
Mokojing Beast Feast11/06/2020
Bast Snake Gin18/06/2020Audio only - coming soon.
Sanuma Decorative Meat25/06/2020Audio only - coming soon
Mukusubii Chitin-Os04/07/2020Audio only - coming soon.
Chi Eridani Marine Paste09/07/2020Audio only - coming soon.
Esuseku Caviar09/07/2020Audio only - coming soon.
Any Na Coffee16/07/2020Audio only - coming soon.
CD-75 Kitten Brand Coffee16/07/2020Audio only - coming soon.
Goman Yaupon Coffee16/07/2020Audio only - coming soon.
Wheemete Wheat Cakes23/07/2020Audio only - coming soon.
LTT Hyper Sweet30/07/2020Audio only - coming soon.
Albino Quechua Mammoth Meat06/08/2020Audio only - coming soon.
Aepyornis Egg13/08/2020
Mulachi Giant Fungus20/08/2020
Tiolce Waste2Paste Units27/08/2020
Eden Apples Of Aerial03/09/2020
Neritus Berries10/09/2020
Baltah'sine Vacuum Krill17/09/2020
Baked Greebles24/09/2020
Coquim Spongiform Victuals01/10/2020
Ceti Rabbits08/10/2020
Live Hecate Sea Worms15/10/2020
Deuringas Truffles22/10/2020
Giant Irukama Snails29/10/2020
Ceremonial Heike Tea05/11/2020
Vega Slimweed12/11/2020
HIP Proto-Squid19/11/2020
Karsuki Locusts26/11/2020
Orrerian Vicious Brew03/12/2020
Alya Body Soap10/12/2020
Thrutis Cream17/12/2020
Master Chefs24/12/2020
Arouca Conventual Sweets31/12/2020
Haiden Black Brew14/01/2021
Wuthielo Ku Froth21/01/2021
Terra Mater Blood Bores28/01/2021
Utgaroar Millennial Eggs04/02/2021
Ochoeng Chillies11/02/2021
HIP 10175 Bush Meat18/02/2021
Helvetitj Pearls25/02/2021
Azure Milk04/03/2021
Lavian Brandy11/03/2021
Medb Starlube18/03/2021
Chameleon Cloth25/03/2021
Gilya Signature Weapons01/04/2021
AZ Cancri Formula 4208/04/2021
Cherbones Blood Crystals15/04/2021
Jaradharre Puzzle Box22/04/2021
Eleu Thermals29/04/2021
Alacarakmo Skin Art06/05/2021
V Herculis Body Rub27/05/2021
Damna Carapaces03/06/2021
Ethgreze Tea Buds10/06/2021
Jotun Mookah17/06/2021
The company of other pilots03/07/2021
Delta Phoenicis Palms08/07/2021
Zeessze Ant Grub Glue15/07/2021
Wulpa Hyperbore Systems22/07/2021
Eshu Umbrellas05/08/2021
Non Euclidian Exotanks12/08/2021
Tauri Chimes19/08/2021
Gerasian Gueuze Beer02/09/2021
Mechucos High Tea30/09/2021
Crystalline Spheres14/10/2021
Apa Vietii21/10/2021
Momus Bog Spaniel04/11/2021
Rapa Bao Snake Skins11/11/2021
Havasupai Dream Catcher25/11/2021
Vanayequi Ceratomorpha Fur02/12/2021
Xihe Biomorphic Companions09/12/2021
Shan's Charis Orchid16/12/2021
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We felt with all the pending new lockdowns, and people taking time off for the holiday season - NOW was the perfect time to dip into the list of rares and give you shortcuts to them all.
Well - that lot represents something like.... 1000 minutes of listening right there. Just the rares!
That's a good 17 hours of your Christmas "post dinner" coma you can just tune in and switch off your brain for.
Funnily enough - we were talking about the beermats after the show whilst post processing everything ready for upload.
We need to investigate them - what can you tell us about their history?
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