The great big Odyssey Screenshots thread


Exactly how do I get down off this thing?
Oh look! Survivable atmosphere! Nice hat, Silas

BTW - The reason he's shooting at me is because I thought the security scan on me was finished. Turns out that it wasn't. The thing is (and I know it's difficult to tell from this screenshot), but my computer doesn't run the alpha too well. So, I'm not sure if this (and the issue with the scan itself) is a bug I should be reporting or just how the Odyssey alpha runs on my machine. Another symptom of the poor performance is that no one can shoot straight. I actually think that my friend Silas is a better shot than any of the trained security team. It made me real sad to kill Silas.
Rest in peace, buddy. I hope you don't mind, but I took your hat. I think it'll suit me once I've washed it and darned the holes.
Just some random shots from the last day or two where I was mostly focusing on testing and didn't really have a coherent adventure:

cutter departs.jpg

cutter nyoom.jpg

parked cutter.jpg


the overlook.jpg

far from home.jpg

stalking the blueberry.jpg

Hoping to see some more Y's from atmosphere, and hopefully closer to the planet! Purple stars are neat.

Also ELWs are doing some weird rendering shenanigans with their clouds on their dark sides when viewed from atmosphere. Well, incomplete Alpha stuff!
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