The Great Pre-Upgraded Gear Sharing is Caring Thread

Ratici, Mainzer Mines (medium pad)
Maverick G2 Added Melee Damage
Maverick G2, no mods
Manticore Executioner G2, no mods

Kachi Buj, Zaschka Outpost (medium pad)
Maverick G2, no mods
Dominator G2, no mods

Ngarans, Beshore Landing (medium pad)
Dominator G2, no mods
Artemis G3, no mods

Ngarans, Tuttle Port (medium pad)
Dominator G3, no mods
TK Zenith G2, no mods
Coalsack Sector KN-S b4-9 | Bering Port

G2 Tormentor no mod
G2 Intimidator no mod

HIP 62154 | Fort Xeno

G2 Oppressor no mod
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O7 Commanders
Maverick G2 + quitter Footsteps 2 250 000 Cr
Notice another Commanders, as soon YOU snatched it !
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