The Great Pre-Upgraded Gear Sharing is Caring Thread

16 CYGNI - Hoffman Terminal


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Coalsack Sector VU-O b6-6 || Cole Point || Two unmodded G2 DOMINATOR. Store also sells OPRESSOR, IDK when I last saw one if ever.
Coalsack Sector KN-S b4-9 || Bering Port || One G2 DOMINATOR. This store also sells opressors.
G3 Dominator suit (inc air): 16 Cygni Vonnegut Lab
G2 Dominator suit: 16 Cygni Kaleri Market
G2 Dominator suit: 16 Cygni Payette Market
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I wonder if you got that Artemis with quiet footsteps, added extra backpack, faster shield, night vision. The jump assist is already the best of all suits. You might have an awesome thievery suit. Useless in a fight, except for escaping. I have only been farming ODY mats for a short time, but I've come to the belief that my farming rate is higher per hour if I'm not trying to clear the facilities of opposition.
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