[EMPIRE] The Order of the Prismatic Sparrow is looking for adventurous CMDRs.

Greetings Commanders, from the Order of the Prismatic Sparrow.

00PS is a small, casual squadron loosely aligned with the Empire and the Prismatic Princess, Aisling Duval, though we will accept CMDRs of any allegiance provided they can play nicely with our Patron.

00PS is looking for laid back, fun loving Commanders to join our ranks and explore the galaxy together. We are bounty hunters and explorers, and we are anti-piracy and anti-ganking. Though we are not anti-anti-ganking... hmm, maybe we need to organize some ganker-hunting activities... ;)

We have our own Discord, and the link to our INARA page is in my sig.

If you are interested in joining, send me a PM with a little about yourself and your ED experience, and feel free to PM me with any questions also.

Fly adventurously, CMDRs! o7

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