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Hello coaster friends! 

Over the weekend we've loved seeing a lot of you looking forward to Planet Coaster: Console Edition, as well as asking a few questions about how the Oswald-Eugene Counter works. Today we're going to share a bit more on what this helpful tool is and how it works to keep your console experience smooth and enjoyable.

The Oswald-Eugene Counter is a nifty contraption created by the brilliant minds of Oswald B. Thompson and Eugene Newton (you'll meet them in the Career Mode!). With help from this counter, you'll be able to let your creativity run wild while ensuring your park is kept in tip-top condition. 

When all you new or experienced park builders get creating, it’s important to us that you have a great time and don't encounter any issues! The Oswald-Eugene Counter is designed specifically to let you know how much you can build, so that your platform of choice can keep processing your park effortlessly. It is there to help guide you so that you, and your guests, can stay entertained in your bustling and busy parks. 

If you start reaching the top of the counter, that's the time to check around your park and see if you can find any non-essential items to remove so you can continue to enjoy a smooth experience. When the counter reaches 100%, this represents the top capability of your chosen console and you won't be able to place more buildings or rides. 

We have worked hard to enable you to create incredible places to visit and share, no matter what console you choose to play on. For example, check out this park running on Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro. This magnificent park runs at about 60-70% of the Oswald-Eugene Counter and still has plenty of space so you can continue to build! 


Meanwhile, taking the same park you can expand it even further using the power of next-gen consoles such as Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. This even more magnificent park runs at about 60-70% of the Oswald-Eugene Counter for next-gen.


The Oswald-Eugene Counter will also help guide you when sharing on the Frontier Workshop with others across generations! With the power of next-gen consoles, you can build and share even bigger parks.

However, if these parks cross a certain threshold then they will only be useable for others using next-gen hardware. For example, if you had your heart set on sharing your Xbox Series X built park with your friends playing on an Xbox One, using this tool you can make sure it’s possible by checking and adjusting your park accordingly.

It's important to remember that creations on the Frontier Workshop can be shared across generations, but not cross platform. This means that Xbox One players and Xbox Series X|S players can share with each other, or PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players can share with each other. 

We want you to have as much fun as possible when playing Planet Coaster, whatever your console of choice may be. We're excited to see what you create and know that you'll have a fantastic time doing it. 

We can't wait for the launch tomorrow and hope these insights help answer your questions about the Oswald-Eugene Counter on console. Which console will you be playing on?
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Now that I can't refund the game in the playstation store, you tell the hidden information. In that map shown there are more trees than attractions. I think that users have been indirectly misled by hiding information that could harm purchases. Shameful

Feel lucky to have a working version for a 2013 hardware console.

I also placed a pre-order and yes they could have told it earlier but also what MQC is saying the PS4 is 7 year (almost 8 year) old console so yes we must
be happy to play it on this old system.
But again yes they could have told this a little bit earlier, and if they did it wouldn't change my mind to pre-order it because want to play this game on my console (PS4 Pro now and in 2 weeks on the PS5)
I have a PS4 PRO from 2016 same year of the planet coaster release on pc
But then again you can't compare a PS4 Pro from 2016 with a PC that can play Planet Coaster nice from 2016
Allot of PC's from this time are still struggling with Planet Coaster.
So i still think we need to be very happy with Planet Coaster on the current gen console, they also could have said only Next Gen.
I feel like the only downside to this is that we cant express our creativity. Limiting our custom building and coasters. But its a new beginning for everyone lets take this in a good direction.

Yep that would be the only downside that nobody can go flat out with there park. But yeah again a PC with some nice specs that would go flat out is also hitting performance issues. And maybe we are getting some updates later that can stretch it a little bit :)

But i think allot of people are angry because they could have told it a little bit earlier.
I have a PS4 PRO from 2016 same year of the planet coaster release on pc
Then feel lucky to have a working version for a 2013 hardware (with some minimal upgrades) console.

I also have a PS4 PRO, this is not a criticism, it is simply that we all thought it was impossible to bring a game like Planet Coaster to current consoles, and now that we have it, it seems we are not able to accept the logical limitations that are necessary for it.
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This is the info I’ve been waiting for. Thank you; it’s good to have realistic expectations as I eagerly await the launch!

I think I’m a good example of your console target audience. I’ve never had a pc capable of running the game well, don’t want to spend that kind of money, and I don’t have the patience to spend months on a single park. Yet, watching player videos, I love Planet Coaster’s style, character designs, music and creativity. I’m happy to finally be able to play in that world at a modest entry cost. Since I prefer my gaming on a sofa in shorter sessions, I’m okay with concentrating on smaller projects as long as the frame rate holds up and I have access to as many of the game’s pieces and options as possible.

I’m starting at the lowest entry point possible (Xbox One S), so my expectations are in check. Will upgrade when I can. Thanks for making the upgrade free. :)
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Slightly disappointing we won’t be able to make large/more detailed parks on par with PC, but I’m optimistic that the restriction will make us think more strategically about our piece placements! Can’t wait to see what we can come up with as a console community!
I think the challenge will be interesting for sure. A heads up would have been nice though.
The main issue here is a lack of transparency leading up to this announcement. Don't get me wrong, it should have been assumed, but it just looks like the devs have purposefully hidden something they KNEW would be important information for those buying it. It's sneaky, and its disappointing.

That been said, and because I've already pre ordered digitally and cant do anything about it, I am relieved to see the limits arent as severe for the PS5.

I think you should follow up with a more detailed example of what is achievable for both consoles, rather than the low res images you've posted. Breakdown the resource cost in terms of rollercoasters, smaller rides, and scenery pieces, so those that have been looking forward to planning parks, have full transparency here and can make their peace with it.

I'd also like clarity on what 60-70% means. Does it mean 60%, in which case there's a vast amount more that can be done? Or does it mean 68%? It's a wishy washy number that just further leads to confusion among a fan base that were incredibly excited for this, but have perhaps had the wind knocked out of their sales somewhat.
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