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Big thank you for the very well written Guide. On my way to Sagittarius A*

*edit* Repped my good Sir!
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Nice pointers Spacecat! I learn something new every day. I didn't know about the scans going faster as you are closer to the object - I will use this to some effect on my next jaunt out across the galaxy.

Safe travels, and may you always find a scoopable when you need it!
Good read! Thanks!

And while i'm in it, i started reading the planetary landing guide too!

Man, now i wanna buy that Horizon DLC.......... lol i thought i was waiting if 2.1 comes with a discount :p
Small update today!

Now that a surface scanner helps to get materials info, I adjusted the page that refers it... Added a page listing the stellar catalogues for the hell of it, and showed the most majestic badlands you can most easily find...

Oh, and more sci-fi reference pictures, because they're popular. :)
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Thank you for a great guide. Only been playing 'proper' for around 2 weeks and got a type 6 to do some trade runs to make a little cash. Tried bounty hunting to have a break from exploration and learned the hard way i suck at combat and it's not really for me. Found another thread on here about fitting a type 6 for exploration so have just finished fitting it up for my first jaunt into deep space. Thanks to this guide which helped point me in the right direction, looking forward to taking her out for the maiden flight later :)
Update done today to take into account the changes in 2.2 Guardians...
-Added a navigation page explaining how 'Apply filter to route' or watching your upper-right info panel helps you avoid nonscoopables.
-Explained FSD supercharging, whether through materials (That was overdue) or through the 'Icarus Jump' - white dwarves and neutron stars.

Big thanks to cmdr MackTheHunter for his excellent infographic.
Wings tend to get buggy, so this isn’t very reliable. You may need to leave and ‘rebuild’ the wing.

What about this one? I want to do wings while exploring too. Hope this was reported so long ago and fixed by now?
well maboleth, our dear devs have worked out a few bugs but the wings themselves still tend to be buggy in game. I've seen a wingmate of mine unable to scan a planet, while I was able to do so... Wish I'd saved the planet so I could see if we both got the tag or not, hrmf.

It's not a single simple bug, the whole peer-to-peer architecture and instancing is quite a complex beast when you take into account all the locales on earth and varied internet speeds and trying to not cause lag issues and... Well suffice it to say, it ain't that simple to fix for them.

And is it working better? I'm afraid I haven't been able to test that out thoroughly since the last patch. So quite possibly the tags are awarded in a more reliable fashion, maybe. This needs more science! If folks go out there to multi-tag (best done near colonia, to be honest) do drop me a line with how well it went.
Aaaand big update done today thanks to 2.3!

-All ship designs have been reviewed, the Dolphin getting a place of honor besides the type-6e. I think the DBX has a screwy jump range in Coriolis, so I'm keeping its jump range at 'unknown' until I can confirm it.
-A page talks about the passenger missions, along with a few passenger-focused exploration craft.
-More details in the engineers page, especially a mention that Bill Turner gives some great recipes now! (Lightweight sensors, lightweight life support, long range/high speed surface scanner!)
-More sci-fi references in pictures, because I can.
-updated the visual guide to exploration, big thanks to Cmdr Fru that made a big update. (And darn terraformables are worth a bundle now!)
-A little word about distant colonies, and now I have to work further on the Hitchhiker's guide to the frontier. :)
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Still useful all this time on from the original release. Many thanks for that. Perhaps it might be interesting to include advice on how to pick destinations as this is something I struggled with as a new explorer.
Well I did put effort on keeping this lovely updated.
And you want tips on destinations? Here's one: have a look at the Hitchhiker's guide to the frontier, in the links in my signature. ;)

Oh, and it turns out the DBX -does- have an insane jump range nowadays. It's now the best jumper bar none, just has a lousy full scoop to fill that tank. Would take 1:30 to fill up from zero, where an Asp, Dolphin or Type-6e can do 30-45 seconds fillups.
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Update done today, added a last-updated timestamp, a page about the goldilocks zone, updated some links...

I might do a chart someday about terraformable candidates and ammonia worlds...
Made good use of the down time today reading up on the forum and found your guides. Excellent stuff and love the format! So much better than a lot of the self indulgent useless guides that abound on youtube. Keep up the good work.
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