The sound design in this game is out of this world!

I still cannot get over how good the sound design in this game is. I mean, ok..Frontier has shown that they can produce something very good in this category via Elite Dangerous, but this thing is next level. The soundtrack is pretty good, the way music meshes with gameplay is superlative, the actual ride effects are extremely sophisticated, UI sounds are masochistically extensive (almost everything you tweak, plop down, move etc has a different sound), and the camera sound LoD and mixing when going around your park is out of this world.

Sound is something that many times is just tacked on and doesn't get much attention from developers, and we are talking about a CMS game here, where (barring the coaster sounds) sound should be even lower in the list. It really really isn't though, and I am glad of it.

I mean, do this, as an example. Make a hybrid or wooden coaster (or get one from the workshop), put your headphones on and go on a ride in the front seat. And then in the back. The game even uses my buttkicker that I have bought for Elite, with pretty good results. VR support cannot come soon enough for this one...

Bravo Frontier! [up]
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No kidding. I used to always mute the sound after awhile in previous RCT games. I've yet to do that for Planet Coaster. The sounds are so vibrant, and feel like that have real texture to it. Love it!

Matthew Florianz

Senior Audio Designer- Elite: Dangerous
Thanks Dante!

I’d say Elite does planets better than us, where we do Coasters better than Elite ; )

The whole audio dept. at Frontier is absolutely amazing.

Always makes me a little uncomfortable when focused on like this, audio can only be good if the rest of the game is better : )

Of course we appreciate the compliment. We ourselves are still in awe with the animations, the fluid dynamic crowds, the intuitive ui, the gorgeous art, the amazing code support and one hell of a production team that has kept this thing running smoother than a just oiled Dutch bike.
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Can you just pass on my "You guys are awesome" to the sound team. The little touches for example (but not limited to) when you move the mouse over an option to choose a theme in a sandbox, it transitions into a slightly different version of the theme.
It is bloody brilliant - consider that another thumbs up! I love that the soundtrack knows things like your altitude, and plays ethereal music at you while you oversee your park, deaf to the now distant din of your creation below. I also love that it knows when you're editing a coaster's track, and plays this wonderfully relaxing yet motivating tune at you.
I can jst agree with you! Think about how guests are talking, not just saying words, and how they are ordering things! [yesnod]
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