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Some discussion on the future.

Disclaimer: For those who say this will not work i just want to tell you all its in the works from another developer but its not a park sim. So big Clue for frontier to use the same concept for their next game! :) I will not reveal what the other game is. Unless fans are really interested to see this occur and the dev want to know! :)

I am more super super super excited for this now after thinking about the possibilities of what this could bring to an online park world!!!! I definitely would never visit a real zoo again!

1. Online Open World with living Virtual sims
Another game has done this but i will only reveal if dev and player are interested in this idea.

You have a set of family viritual sims they are not fully controlled have their own needs and wants. But can listen to instruction given by players but can disobey them if they want. Players come in build the city with help of other players and then use players to use their sim to run their city. It has never been done before so it will be good to see how it would turn out!

With an Open tycoon Online World
Same thing, they can be pre built famous zoo or zoo to be constructed and modified. Players have a set of virtual sim and they can be visitor to staff members, etc. They go about running and managing the park and see how they progress. :) So the game world can grow and get bigger like with Elite dangerous and player can enjoy and also enjoy the management side of things but with greater interactivity and more detail.

Players could even have partial control over a set of virtual animals like the penguins to role play and give it that huge leap of realism as they live in the zoo. So they can be lots and lots of animals in the zoo so player can have choice. So when I interact with a elephant i would not know if it is NPC or player and this will bring the game world to life! :)

How will money be generated for the game?
Developer can make families, animals, toys, habitat, etc and these can be on the website to buy so it brings in the income and even money can be bought with real money. Another major game has done this too. No monthly fees just clever ways to bring in the money to sustain this type of game. Could even be a yearly fee which i would gladly pay for such a game like this! Where things progress and where graphics are superior and it be the ultimate sim game you ever need to play! Pets could be bought too these little things that do not spoil the game that is what other developer are doing. You can buy things but its not a win type and do everything cause not everyone can play it every day.

Sims on 24/7
There will be no killing so sim do not log off so you can meet your friend sim online and see what they been doing! For what the other developer is doing is that the sim can be killed. But this won't really happen unless animals escaped but then player can set rules and proper things in place to make sure this does not happen. The online park world will always be live! Something to see and do all the time! I would like to sit in a restaurant and get serve! Or go to an event in the park to watch a live performance happen! This would be so sweet! See what this seal and trainer can do! Live realistic crowds filled with players or NPC you would not know! :) What you can do in the park in real life you can do in this online park world! What your most excited about can happen!

Never done as the developer doing this new game is not creating a park with this type of features so frontier park world online will be the first to do so!

Micro and wide management
Sims are autonomous so they will do things if their need are meet but player don't have to mirco manage them like the sims if they do not want too

There will be money so your family avatars will need jobs in the park so no money no fun. And the park itself will need money to also run it so players who love can manage this.

There will be a running economy connected to the park as it be live so do poorly and your park can fail and well it be resold to players who can sustain it.

But this is the way to go for the ultimate sim World where you will never need to buy another sim game again as this sim open world will provide everything a player crave for in a sim world.

It can be what it is today realistic cartoon look. :) Not fully 3D but 3D like in Planet Zoo. The sims 4 graphics is always good too!

Frontier can finally open it up for early access as that is how its done cause it would need alot of feedback and improvement from players as this will be new territory. So its develop correctly and when finishes it be the sim world fan being longing for. It has worked for one other where devleoper and fan are all wanting to build this world together.

So since frontier is big more resources can be pour in for this early access.

Why such a game?
Other developer are doing it, its very popular and if developer and fan of frontier wants to create this ultimate online park world then it can happen! It would be the way to go so you don't need different types of tycoon games coming out. It can be like Elite Dangerous where new things can be added to enhance the game play. So parks, ride, animals, hotel you name it if its in a park then it would be in this online world.

I hope the dev take notice and this can happen in the near future! :) cause one game is doing that and we might all see how it works! Though the graphics for this particular game of a developer i know is not as superior as what we see with Planet coaster or Planet zoo the mechanic will be there! :) And I will be looking forward to this when release!

Some issue with most MMO and Features (will update)

This is in the game from another developer i was talking about some feature they have!
  • massive project its boggling!
  • Team player Managing and take care of your sims inspired by the sims series. :)
  • Death, birth its all in there and all about relationships
  • Consequence of every action in the game
  • Empty towns, friends not online 24/7,
  • Virtual family sims are in the world 24/7
  • Everyone on a server traditional it could never be done before but now they can with the tech (I can reveal to Dev)
  • Players run different parts of the city some like trading, avg types job, others like governing, others more into management and others like to just do what others are doing.
  • Sim have complex behaviors and wants can do bad and good things.
  • Spontaneous actions the sim can do on their own and create a story - Very important for an online living Park world.
  • Sim can question your command and think about the action they take. Planco can be the language they use to talk what is on their mind for frontier but this game is wanting something like this. But i think Planco is more complex.
  • players will do bad things like steal but its up to the players to make sure there is law and order. Like having Police to patrol around and guard the place.
Here is an example of families created in the sims 4 that can be similar and far better in frontier online sim world!


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I'm not expecting anything else than the system PC uses when it comes to Multiplayer. We'll have workshop support, and my feeling is that there is where it ends.
Why post this here if it is a different game? Why would frontier make a game that is already being made? Understand, please, that not everything you think about is possible. Game design takes a long time and lots of effort and there are limits to what you can do. It is not, think of an idea, log onto a computer and put it in in a few steps. The world does not work that way. Games can only be so big. This game would become massive if all the features you wanted (basically the sims + every tycoon game ever, not possible as the sims idea is copyrighted and already done) you would be unable to play it. You also mention the 'sims' (but they would be unable to call them that because its copyrighted!) could think and question their actions. This is not possible for a game. That is advanced sort of AI if you want them to 'think'. Games cannot do this. No-one can make computers 'think yet'. There are limits to what you can do in games. Please understand, its not only popularity that dictates what a game has in it. Please read my post this time. Don't ignore me.
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