The Voyager Trail

This is really really good, and cant wait to recreate the return trip on DW2, but the only thing thats wrong with this map is Voyager used some rather large transwarp jumps that we cant recreate so how did you get past that obstacle?
I arrived back in the bubble this week after flying down the Voyager trail coming from Beagle Point. Here's some POIs I found.

Earth-like worlds:

Choo Eop YG-F c14-1 2
Cha Eop OI-Z d1-0 6
Prie Chrea TX-N b6-1 3 (red dwarf system)
Preou Free CI-Z b27-9 1 (red dwarf system)
Prie Aowsy SX-U d2-21 6
Assaify RR-D c12-7 1
Loijeia HW-D c12-21 A 8
Eos Chruia AU-W c3-82 A 6
Nyeakio BT-K b12-1 A 1 (binary red dwarf system)

Ammonia worlds:

Hyia Eohn JW-C d1 ABC 2
Struia Eork WI-R b38-0 5
Cheia Dryoae FJ-I c26-2 5
Rhoolooe KI-O b12-0 A 3
Chae Drye IK-A c3-1 A 5
Prie Chrea GJ-X c28-4 B 7
Prie Chrea OW-Y b41-0 A 1
Hyiechiae UH-U b16-0 A 3
Oupaigs WD-K c8-1 A 7
Byeethue XV-Y c12 6
Lyaisoae GF-D b55-5 B 6
Wepi OZ-U c4-214 2
Kyloagy XP-O b10-64 4
Preia Hypai SB-H c12-3 AB 1
Well, I said I'd update this with more of the details that I gathered in the process of figuring it all out.

After I got back I was running around G5ing stuff prior to 3.0, then I was playing with 3.0, and then I got a bit stuck seeing as how the galmap keeps crashing when I try to look at it but I guess it's time to get it together and add some more detail.

Firstly, I want to start by pointing out a few things which had an effect on how the map was generated, for the sake of transparency.

- Galactic Scale.
The creators of Star Trek seem to have used some fairly solid data when deciding on Voyager's story but then they also made some errors too.
The most "famous" one is that if you add up all the known distances traveled during the show, Voyager should have been well out of the Delta Quadrant by the end of the final series.
It might seem like the show explains some of these things with references to detours around various spacial anomalies (that term gets used a LOT!) but, in reality, the entire show only depicts a tiny fraction of Voyager's journey and there are massive discrepancies in the distances involved.

The most logical explanation for this (without blaming it all on Harry Kim not noticing that Voyager was actually back in the Beta Quadrant) is that Voyager must have taken a zig-zag course back to Earth.
That's fairly plausible, too, because most of the big jumps they made involved using pre-existing "shortcuts" (Malon Vortices, Borg Transwarp network & Vaaduar Subspace Corridors) where they'd have no control over where it took them.
In other cases (using the Slipstream Drive technology, Kes' telekinetic "push" and using a Graviton Catapult) it can be assumed they'd be able to plan their course and so those jumps would be headed almost directly toward Earth.

The real problem, which there's no getting around, is that the Elite: Dangerous galaxy just isn't as big as the galaxy suggested in ST.
In ST, it's possible to travel 70,000Ly along the correct bearing and still remain within the limits of the Milky Way.
In ED, that just can't be done.
As we (probably) all know, Beagle Point is 65,000Ly from Earth and, along Voyager's bearing, it's really only possible to get roughly 60,000Ly from Earth.
It IS possible to get a bit further than BYOO BRIAE CW-C C26-0 and if anybody's willing to explore the region and finds a plausible starting point further out, respect to them.

Here's a sketch to illustrate the issue.


- What we know.
Considering the effort that was apparently put into figuring out the size of the galaxy, Voyager's capabilities and the distances traveled, the show seems to have made some strange choices.
During the periods when Voyager was off-air, time passes within the ST universe.
We know this because the length of time they've been travelling is often referenced in the show and the stardates are often quoted.
The strange thing is, it's never assumed that Voyager has actually moved during the months of each year when the show was off-air.
Trying to figure out ST "warp factors" gives me a headache but it can be assumed Voyager should have traveled significant distances during the time the show was off-air.

This caused me a lot of headaches while trying to decide whether to extrapolate positions based on speed and time to calculate where Voyager was at any given time.
Fortunately, I found something which meant I didn't have to worry about that.

- Source Material.
This could have been a long list of websites and forums but then I discovered "The Complete Atlas of Star Trek".

This book is really all that's needed to replicate Voyager's journey.
It's not entirely "canon" but it's licensed from Paramount and it's written by the guys who did the techie stuff on the show so it's probably the most accurate source of info available.

I also looked at the "Voyager Technical Manual" which was a production document provided for writers to help ensure they didn't screw up any pre-existing lore.
The main reason I looked at this was to try and work out how far Voyager might have traveled while the show was off-air but, after looking at the ST Atlas, it wasn't really required.

If you want to read about Voyager's journey on the internet, there are heaps of websites where you can do so but a lot of the information provided is speculative, contradictory and flat-out wrong so I figured it was best just to stick to a couple of "almost canon" sources and go from there.

So, with all that said, over the next couple of days I'll post up various pictures, detailed maps of each leg of the journey and logs of what happened and when so people might be able to find things in the ED galaxy which correlate with the things Voyager encountered during it's journey.
Okay, you guys are shaming me into pulling my finger out and providing more of the maps and data that I created related to all this stuff. :cautious:

Firstly, just to give you an idea of the sort of scale that's involved, here's a pic' that shows how far Voyager travelled during year 1, year 2 and year 3.
Year 1 is the first tiny red line, year 2 is the tiny purple line and year 3 is the 2nd tiny red line, all within the cricle.


Stay tuned for more stuff imminently.
Well, alrighty then....

For starters, here's my main map with Voyager's location during each year of their journey marked on it.


I've really only included this to provide an "overview".
I know it's not terribly clear, and there's very little detail, but don't worry about that.
There'll be more maps to follow.
Many, many maps.

I'll also be explaining all the various "jumps" Voyager made to reach the different locations and, hopefully, pointing out a lot of the incidents related to planetary and stellar phenomena along the way.
I won't be listing the locations of any of the incidents involving time-travel, alien possessions, The Doctor's inferiority complex, Captain Proton, Fairhaven or Tom Paris and B'Ellana Torres relationship problems.
If you want to follow along in detail, the easiest way is probably to use the Voyager Wiki:

So, moving on....

Firstly, we'll have a quick run-through of Voyager's journey, explaining whereabouts in the galaxy they were, and how they jumped across big lumps of it from one location to the next.

Year 1, 2 & 3 all happen directly after Voyager arrives in the Ocampa system, with Voyager travelling solely at warp and covering a distance of around 300Ly in year 1, 438Ly in year 2 and 438Ly in year 3.
Right at the start of year 4, (S4e02) Kes gains teletenetic abilities and uses them to teleport Voyager approximately 9000Ly closer to Earth, and past a region of space inhabited by the Borg, to the location where Voyager spends the rest of year 4.

And here's a map of that.


At the end of year 4 (S4e26) Voyager encounters an abandoned ship which utilises Slipstream technology to travel great distances.
It's a trap but Voyager makes use of the Slipstream technology to jump 300Ly closer to Earth.

Year 5 is where things start to get really confusing.

Voyager enters "The Void" (S5e01) and encounters the Malon. Bad things happen but Voyager ends up using a Malon Vortex to travel 2,500Ly to escape "The Void".
Later on, Janeway decides to have another play with Slipstream technology (S5e06) and more bad things happen but Voyager ends up travelling around 10,000Ly before it fails.
Next, we find Janeway deciding to mess with the Borg's stuff (S5e15/16) and she steals a Transwarp doodad and transports Voyager another 20,000Ly closer to Earth.

And here's a map of that.


Year 6 continues to see Voyager finding shortcuts across the galaxy, but not as often as the previous year.

Voyager enters a Subspace Corridor (S6e07) and starts a war which wipes out an entire civilisation but they get another 200Ly closer to home so it's all good.
Soon after that (S6e09) Voyager encounters an alien who's built giant catapult capable of firing a ship vast distances, give it a try and end up 600Ly closer to Earth.

Year 7 doesn't involve any intermediate shortcuts and Voyager travels at warp toward Earth until, eventually, discovering the Borg "Unicomplex" (S7e25/26) which is a hub for all Borg Transwarp Corridors and allows Janeway (with help from future Janeway, somehow) to hitch a ride all the way back to Earth.

And here's a map of that.


And I think we'll leave it there for today.
Tomorrow I'll post up the detail-maps of each year, including references to stuff that might be possible to relate to things in ED.
Here's the first detail-map, highlighting locations where somebody might be able to find locations in the ED galaxy that correspond to locations Voyager visited.

I didn't attempt to locate/catalogue these intermediate locations myself for a couple of reasons.
Firstly, there are dozens of them and life's too short.
Secondly, there aren't exactly a lot of systems in this region of the ED galaxy to choose from.
Thirdly, I see this as something of a "community endeavor".
I've tried to chart a course that Voyager followed, accounting for distances and stellar phenomena, but if anybody wants to add extra stuff or even revise the locations I've suggested then I'm fine with that. :)


Year 1 Start: BYOO BRIAE CW-C C26-0
Year 1 End: BYOO BRIAE TY-Q C18-0
Distance Travelled (Approx): 300Ly


More soon.
Here we go again...

For this year, it seems like the episodes got chopped around pretty savagely for pacing reasons.
The map reflects the production order rather than the broadcast order, which is why we've got things like Voyager encountering Suspiria's Array early in the journey even though it takes place in the 10th episode.
I decided to go with the production order as it reflects what's shown on the map.

Also, I'll take this opportunity to remind people that if they want to get a better idea of each POI, check out the wiki related to the episode listed.
Or, y'know, watch the show. :p

Year 2 Start: BYOO BRIAE TY-Q C18-0
Year 2 End: BYOO BRIAE LF-P B19-0
Distance travelled (Approx): 438Ly

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Stealthie this is fantastic info! l'm a long time fan of the show, and I've been watching your posts since you first started exploring this route. Of course, I'll be trying to replicate Voyager's steps on my way back to The Bubble. o7
And another one...

Nothing much to really add here.
A few of the episodes got slightly jumbled between production and broadcast. Again, the map follows the production order so that's why some references are slightly out of order.
In year 6 a reference was made to something that happened in this region, which is why one of the POIs references S6e08.

Year 3 Start: BYOO BRAIE LF-P B19-0
Year 3 End: BLA BYOE KM-N A116-0
Distance travelled (Approx): 438Ly

Back with another one...

Some minor variations between Production and Broadcast order at the start of the season, particularly relating to the discovery of the S.S. Raven (S4e06).
A Planet referred to in S6e18 is found in this region.
Season actually begins at location shown on previous map (BLA BYOE KM-N A116-0) and then Kes uses telekinetic powers to move Voyager to first location recorded on this map (PRIE CHREA OO-Z D13-9).
Last Episode sees Voyager encounter an alien ship (PREI CHREA RJ-I D9-15) and use Slipstream technology to jump 300Ly (PRIE CHREA FP-V B29-0).

Year 4 Start: BLA BYOE KM-N A116-0
Jump: BLA BYOE KM-N A116-0 / PRIE CHREA OO-Z D13-9 (9,500Ly)
Jump: PREI CHREA RJ-I D9-15 / PRIE CHREA FP-V B29-0 (300Ly)
Year 4 End: PRIE CHREA FP-V B29-0
Distance travelled (Approx): 10238Ly

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Well, this is where it gets messy...

Fairly straightforward year regarding POIs but the journey was split up into small fragment by some huuuuge jumps.
Maybe worth pointing out that most of this year's events involved other ships and space-faring stuff which are unlikely to be found.
Some of the info' about them is already on the maps, along with the stardates, so they can be crossreferenced with the episode wiki if desired.

Year 5 Start: PRIE CHREA FP-V B29-0
Jump: PRIE CHREA WC-Z B26-1 / HYIE CHIAE IY-F B38-0 (2,500Ly)
Jump: HYIE CHIAE MN-S C17-2 / PLAE FREE CW-E C11-80 (10,000Ly)
Jump: / PLAE FREE JS-K C8-34 / EOS CHRUIA XS-T B7-2 (20,000Ly)
Year 5 End: EOS CHRUIA LG-C C1-16
Distance Travelled (Approx): 32,938Ly



Had to correct some mistakes on this map (and collect up my marbles). All fixed now.
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Finished another one last night but Tinypic wouldn't let me upload it...

Year 6 Start: EOS CHRUIA LG-C C1-16
Jump: PHEIA AUSCS GY-A B59-26 / PHEIA AUSCS DF-S B49-12 (200Ly)
Jump: PHEIA AUSCS TH-X B46-30 / PHEIA AUSCS BX-P B21-0 (600Ly)
Year 6 End: PHEIA AUSCS TQ-I B9-51
Distance Travelled (Approx): 1238Ly

Thanks again for the hard work on this, Stealthie.

I'm gonna start following the trail Saturday. Since it doesn't look like there's a lot of interest in an expedition, I'll be going at it alone, taking my time. The goal of my Voyager Trail journey will be to locate and catalog specific ED galaxy locations and POIs that correspond to some of the intermediate locations on the maps you've created. Might be boring to some, but I'm really excited to see what's out there. Setting a course... for home.

Thanks again for the hard work on this, Stealthie. View attachment 130951

I'm gonna start following the trail Saturday. Since it doesn't look like there's a lot of interest in an expedition, I'll be going at it alone, taking my time. The goal of my Voyager Trail journey will be to locate and catalog specific ED galaxy locations and POIs that correspond to some of the intermediate locations on the maps you've created. Might be boring to some, but I'm really excited to see what's out there. Setting a course... for home.


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