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Back in the 1990's, the amusement park manufacturing Company, the Goddard Group, began making plans for a Disney type park in the Kansas City area called "The Wonderful World of OZ." Preliminary plans had been approved, the land (an abandoned Army munitions center) had been acquired, and things were moving forward.

As usually happens, a small group of backward thinkers stepped in to try and stop the project from moving forward. As time slipped by and costs began to skyrocket, the project was eventually abandoned.

Here is one of the maps created for the park;

Welcome to the Kansas Main Street of the Wonderful World of OZ park!

The centerpiece of Main Street is Miss Gulch's dilapidated estate;

The businesses are mostly all named for people involved in the production of the 1939 movie!

More to come!
Thank you guys!

Victor Fleming was the principal director (there were actually four!), and he was famous for always chewing on a cigar on set:

Bert Lahr played the cowardly lion;

More to come!
Thank you!

Heading west from the end of Main Street, you walk into Professor Marvel's traveling Carnival, all set up for a bit of fun! A half dozen or so carnival type rides are set up around a small clapboard restaurant. The Professor himself is reading fortunes in front of his tent!

A beautiful old carousel;

The swinging trapeze ride;

And finally, the aptly named Cyclone roller coaster! With very special thanks to Fisherman! I just redecorated his Hurricane coaster. Anyone who knows me (and I've been around since RCT1), knows I can't build a coaster to save my life! So I steal,no, I borrow, or perhaps pay homage to others! [big grin]

More to come!
Lookin' good! Especially nice to see the Grand Carousel in this setting. (Yeah, I'm horrible at coaster-building too -- good thing we've got such lovely offerings in the Workshop!)
What a great project. It's going to be a lot of work but will be worth it when it's finished. Keep sharing updates as you progress.
Thanks guys!

A beautiful dining experience awaits at the Country Fair Cookout;

Don't feel like waiting for Professor Marvel to read your fortune? Let Zoltan!

The crane game is quite popular also;

89James89 made a wonderful cover for the Monte Leone that fits in beautifully here;

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