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Sorry I got the names messed up it's not "_LOD_01" but "_L1" at the end of your object name, etc... And the LOD have to be in the same FBX, not separate FBX. Tried and it worked !
So you duplicate your object in Blender, apply to the copy the "decimate" modifier, rename it with "_L1" and repeat the process. Make sure to duplicate your LOD 0 object each time when applying the "decimate" modifier.
Guess I'm just not good at figuring this out, meh =P
Guess I'm just not good at figuring this out, meh =P
Did you add a Hitcheck too ? You have to create a cube and your model has to be in that cube. If your model name is "Cow_L1", then the cube name has to be "Hitcheck_Cow". All this in the same fbx.

Capture d’écran 2018-11-20 à 20.50.19.png

This is the test I did and it worked.

Capture d’écran 2018-11-20 à 20.51.24.png

And this is what's in my zip file.
I really like the really helpful hints for Blender in this thread and my biggest wish was a tutorial from one of you guys on YouTube, where you show us, how you create one object from the beginning of modelling to the final object inside the game.
Of course you could have multiple vases, it's not what I meant.
All good, I know what you meant. My sarcasm wasn't intended as negativity. Keep up the good work and help that you're sharing here.

My own preference is to see multiple versions of things from different people. The small differences with objects will be nice to see. The details matter, and allow personal expression to come through. Just like with normal blueprints, there's lots of variation in repetition. I can't wait to get time to try all this out, my job has stolen my time, I need to find a way to get fired! [money]
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