"This zoo feels pretty small"

I started a new zoo few days ago and I want to make it small. Just a couple of animals (5-8 habitat species), some shops and few exhibits. I've noticed comments like the title from my guests. 33% of my guests think my zoo is small. That's a third of my guests - that's a lot.

So I wonder, why does the game force you to make a big zoo? My animals are very happy and well cared for, my staff is happy, I have little to no litter, no vandalism and no negative effects from staff facilities. Why is this metric - the size of my zoo - so important that impacts 33% of my guests?

Personally, I don't think the game forces you to do big zoos. Actually, it seems that your visitors have a 95 % happiness level. They think it is small because that's a fact, but it doesn't seem to affect you in a negative way (maybe I'm wrong abouth this?).
Yes, you have a point and honestly I don't know why my happiness rating is so high considering that I need to take care of hunger, thirst and education (could be that I'm playing on easy mode where I just want to create instead of hearing guests complain all the time). Maybe the negative thoughts have lower impact because I'm playing on easy mode? I'm pretty sure that the guest's negative feelings (and not just about its size) impact your zoo, resulting in more vandalism, more complaining overall, they spend less money etc. Unless I'm in the wrong here?

Still, why does the game see as having a small zoo a negative thing? Why is it a negative thought?
i usually build big, so i dont know, if the complaining guests are caused by the number of animals, or something else, like growded paths or something. but the rating bars indeed will never be at 100% in small zoos, because f.e.for high education, one need a certain amount of animals, same for the zoo-rating. building more exhibits could be a solution, if you dont want to expand the zoo and keep it compact.
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