Thruster questions

Howdy CMDRs

When using thrusters in a combat they seem to only work up/down left/right sort of like in a cross. I have a X52 and have binded the thrusters to a HAT. When moving the HAT to any of the diagonal positions the thrusters do "nothing". Is there a way of having them work in two directions simultaneously, like down+right or down+left?

When dogfighting (FA on) I use pitch and roll to get in a position behind and slightly over the target. Then I start using primarily the down thruster to help me keep my position. I think that originates from core mining where I use forward and down thrusters a lot while orbiting the rock firing seismic charges. However I've noticed that I almost don't use the up thrusters. What are those for?

Thanks in advance o7
You are using a 4 point hat on the X52. Does it have an 8 point hat? I never bought one so I don't know. Still a 4 point works very well QUICKLY moving around controller commands versus a ship response lag time thus an 8 point is redundant. I can park a drifting Cutter precisely with 4 points especially in Combat. You seem to be using your thrusters then awaiting a response. Get past that and and up plus right with a 4 point without thinking about it works out very well.
I've tried moving thrusters to another HAT and now they seem to work in all 8 directions. They do lag, and maybe it's just because I've gotten used to pitching and rolling to stay on the tail of the target, but they also seem quite weak, compared to the "forward momentum" of the ship and pitch/roll reaction. I found a few videos about flying FA off, one with some excellent exercises orbiting the station ring to stay over a certain position, and I've been trying that using FA on. It makes it a lot easier to see how the thrusters react when having a somewhat staionary target in sight.
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