Tips for a new player?

Got the game a few days ago, and im loving my time so far. Ive gotten to about 1.5 mil credits, own a hauler, eagle, sidewinder, and used to own a viper (accidenty sold it for a hauler). I just arrived at the Community goal before i got off last night and im curious what else i should try to acomplish. Also, if anyone is willing, i wouldnt mind having or being a wingman. Ign is Jarius Stormwall

P.s. I dont have horizons, so i cant work towards engineers or anything
Move as far away from the system you spawned in as fast as you can. Best advice given to me and I pass it on to you. Good luck and never fly without rebuy costs on your ship, known as insurance.
You have a nice selection of "non-optimised" ships, greater taster of combat ship, multi-role ship and long range "hauler".

Not sure how dangerous the current CGs are in open, but at 1.5MCr your ships are not going to last long if someone does not like you. I would suggest joining Morbius and then asking in game if someone will wing up with you. It is a slighlty safer option of non - optimised ships than open.

Failing that, there is an Elite Dangerous Academy at - not sure if it is still active, but there is a Discord server and fingers crossed someone will show you the rops of the CG, and/or make suggestions for a very nice Adder at 1.5MCr - although you will have to sell your current ship.

Failing that, if you are on tomorrow ping me a PM - I can certainly wing up in the CG and give you some pointers.

Good luck Commander.

Here are some tips:
- (as already mentioned) Be sure you always have enough money to cover "rebuy cost" - you can check your balance and rebuy cost in outfitting screen or in your right hand panel.
- The galaxy is pretty unforgiving and you will get destroyed for various reasons. Learn from the experience. See point above to minimize impact.
- Don't buy bigger ships as soon as you can afford them. It's much better to earn extra money first to be able to upgrade at least some modules and to have enough spare cash for a rebuy or two.
- If you play in open mode, be VERY careful around other players (hollow blips on your scanner). While most players are friendly or will ignore you, there are some that will try to destroy you. This is especially true at Community Goals or popular systems like engineer locations or alien ruins.
- Learn to run away before learning to fight. Being able to assess danger and disengage if the odds are not good is much better than being able to fight. There will be situations that you can't win.
Find an obscure system and become self-taught. When you're stumped, then ask. By all means, take tips and advice but don't get mentored by anyone. Form your own impressions through your own experiences. Don't condemn the game for being unfair, revel in it. Use flight assist off whenever you can, it'll make you a better pilot, as will doing a number of things the hard way when there's an easier way. Try everything you can that this game has to offer.
Practice you combat skills in Res sites and work up to Haz Res.

Keep an eye on ship surrounding you during a fight, as trigger discipline is key to not hitting a friendly and incurring a bounty.

Rank up with local factions by performing missions for them, this in turn improves mission rewards for you.

Do not limit yourself to one faction, spread your love about, as some systems will go through states where missions are not readily available.

For NPC interdiction, practice evading in SC, but if mini game is not going your way, submit, 4 pips to Sys, turn and fly past NPC and High Wake (jump to another system not just engage SC) to survive.

Dropping out at Nav beacon and passively scanning it will give you details of all planets in system as well as resolve destination for any missions. Or honking with an Advanced Discovery Scanner will do the same.

Fly safe CMDR!!
These early ships are the best time to be daring and get your face killed off, because the rebuy is cheap, to literally free for the Sidey. Don't forget that these smaller ships are also always fun to fly no matter what else you get; like the way a sports car doesn't become intrinsically crappier just because you also bought a monster truck and a boat.

For activities, you can always build your rep with a system faction, as the better rep will provide you with better mission payouts and something less random as you can invest yourself in the progress of the faction if you wish. There are player groups that work the BGS as well as many who work each other. There's a group of pilots called the Fuel Rats who will come save you for free if you gas out by mistake. If you're a ship collector you can work on your Imperial and Federal rankings to get yourself a Clipper or Gunship. Mining and exploring (you may like them or die of boredom, ymmv; do some looking and asking around here on those for good details). Pretty sure there's still racing of various types going on, and you can always organize a race yourself.

There's still lots of things that need to be added as the game develops but there's usually something you can find to enjoy or create for yourself, and the actual in-ship experience is amazing. LISTEN to your ship. It is talking to you all the time and not just in its computer interface voice. The soundguys in this game deserve all the everything; play long enough and you don't need to see your HUD to know what's going on, you hear it. If you pay enough attention you should be able to pip by sound alone, that's how much info there is in the soundscape.
I would say don't look up any how to get a lot of credits fast videos/threads. Play like you want until you have changed your ship couple times and have 15-25 million cr. This way you learn to play/fight/run and basic game mechanics while you still only have small ships that are cheap to rebuy and make mistakes with them. When the progression get too slow then look up money earning stuff on youtube/forums/reddit if you want.
Since nobody else has mentioned it so far:

Don't pledge to a PowerPlay "Power" - wait until you are proficient in most things (running away mainly ;) ) before considering it, then read up on whichever one appeals be it for the special weapon, the bonus credits or just because you fall in love with a blue-haired siren (yes, lots follow her for no other reason).

Then just don't. ;)
Move as far away from the system you spawned in as fast as you can. Best advice given to me and I pass it on to you. Good luck and never fly without rebuy costs on your ship, known as insurance.
This, OP. Start thinking in terms of "rebuys I have left" when it comes to deciding risk vs. reward. I try to at least have three for my most expensive ship, and have small 'disposable' ships for fun risky stuff (by that time, rebuys for small ships will be essentially meaningless)
This, OP. Start thinking in terms of "rebuys I have left" when it comes to deciding risk vs. reward. I try to at least have three for my most expensive ship, and have small 'disposable' ships for fun risky stuff (by that time, rebuys for small ships will be essentially meaningless)
That's a really good framing; I use that as well. Measuring your finances in ship rebuy chunks can work a lot better for that risk/reward analysis you mentioned than just watching your total value. Your credit balance can mean different things in different ships.
Don't frequent this forum. It's likely to be quite a buzz kill for a new player, as it is even for an old player. At the most, pop in, read some information that helps you and make a quick exit back to the game. [up]
First of all, get away from the starter systems. At some point ye might wanna start thinking about who ye wanna work for, and those ye will come to regard as opposing interests. It is very difficult to stay entirely neutral in this game, but it is entirely possible to stay independent...longer term details like wanting the permits to visit sol is gonna mean working fer those who hold the permits.

Personally I have no idea who that is and Ive never been to our solar system. Anyway...research the factions a bit and try and find a nice little system to call home...preferably with a decent selection of agents and stations offering work, or somewhere with some nice mining spots and rez sites, or just somewhere with all the boxes ticked of what ye wanna experience more in the game.

And dont take this as me having a dig here at anyone in particular, but open play is basically the place where anything can happen at anytime fer any reason whether yer ready or not. If ye do partake of open play, then do bear this in mind. Solo, on the other hand has uses at CG and around hotspots like engineers, and dont fly what ye cant afford to replace at least 3 times ^
take your time, don't rush it. enjoy the journey, don't rush to the finish to find out you missed the game.
Was about to post exactly this. Dont rush through all the cheaper ships. Learn the game, make your mistakes on ships with under 300k rebuy. There is nothing you cant do in a cobra it just takes a little longer.

Oh and never fly what you cant afford, always have enough money for insurance excess
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Firstly, I'm going to echo the sentiments already mentioned in this thread by the above posters: Don't rush things. Don't try to get the biggest and best things and end up feeling like the game is work, the moment things start to feel like work then it's probably time to mix things up and do something different.

Secondly, make sure to always have enough for your rebuy value. Ideally have enough for a few rebuys in case things go far south in a single play session.
Try everything once
No rebuy = No fly
Mining is the best way to earn while your attention is on Netflix
Sagittarius A* is well worth the trip, but it's a big time commitment
Try not to sell ships, you don't get all the money back when you do.
Screenshots are on F10
Don't panic
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