TMT as a downloadable App to create objects without Ethernet

Hello Devs from Planet Coaster - TMT

I´ve got some things to say after using the TMT.

At first, thanks for it and that we can build our own sceneryobjects now for Planet Coaster.

There are some questions I want to ask.

Why is it not possible to get a downloadable version of the toolkit?

Because I am often offline and have no options to go online to use the TMT. And when I got time to go online, it takes some minutes to go before the TMT gives a answer if the Object is possible to create or not. It would be better, if the Toolkit could be run as a App on our Computers to check errors an make testruns in the game. After all tests and if its reddy to share we could upload it to Steam. So its possible for all creators to create without to be online.

And as I asked some days ago.......
Why is it not possible to create Scenery Sets?
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