TMT Tutorials - Ms.RedNebula's PlanCo Tips

I've been doing set of TMT tutorials, and figured I'd share them here. I'll add links as I create new ones.

Thememaker's Toolkit - Blender Setup
Making a Good Icon

Simple Sign (covers modeling, UV unwrapping, LODs, and how to upload):
Popcorn Sign Pt 1
Popcorn Sign Pt 1.5 Addendum
Popcorn Sign Pt 2

Simple Blender Animation

Materials Pt 1 - Base Color and Shine Removal
Materials Pt 2 - Metalness and Specular Workflows
Materials Pt 3 - Normals, AO, and Cavity Maps
Materials Pt 4 - Flexicolor (also covers a fix for the bug where specular + flexicolor sometimes doesn't work)
Materials Pt 5 - Transparency
Materials Pt 6 - Emissives (Glow)
Materials Pt 7 - Tips and Tricks (quickly covers a bunch of stuff - rectangular materials, tiling textures, multiple materials on an object, fixing funny shadows, and a couple other things)
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Hi Sarrah, these are absolute amazing tutorials you've put here together! Really fantastic, high quality work! Finally all relevant informations needed to start creating TMTK objects are available in one single collection of tutorials, so well explained. Can't believe how I researched all these informations in so many posts, videos and other sources over the past months. You summarize it all up here - fantastic. Hope you keep on doing more! A lot of greets, Corkscrewloop[happy]
I really wish I understood all this stuff. I would love to do nothing more than make stuff all day long, but for some reason I get this black hole in my head when it comes to understanding all this detail. I am sad.:(:confused:
Fantastic tutorials - straight to the point. Thanks so much.

One question regarding normal maps. What happens if the same part of the normalmap texture is applied to the front and backside of an object - e.g. a cube? Will it have the opposite effect on the backside - since its depending from lighting? Means if the normal map creates the effect that something sticks out on the front, will the same part of the normal map texture create the opposite effect on the backside? I had such a case in Planco, when I once created a normal map with a plug-in (not via baking in blender) and applied that texture to the frontface and backsideface of a cube (normals were correct!)?
Hmm... a normal map should have the exact same effect no matter which side of an object it's placed on. For your cube example - the back would only look different from the front if the lighting were different - say, if one side is facing the sun and the other in the shade. But turn the cube around, and what was the back should now look like the front.

The colors of the normal map only tell the renderer which parts get the illusion of being raised up. That illusion includes picking up light sources - so two parts of a model with the same normal map can look very different depending on the lighting, but if lit the same, will act the same.
Thanks a lot for your reply. I assume its due to the plug in. Next time I should then bake a normal based on a higher detailed model from the beginning... :)
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