Tracker system flawed

I have put a few things on the tracker system some from before this was instigated . My issue is depending on the wording each commander uses depends if another issue is joined .
My main bugbear is that a few years ago I went to beagle and beyond and after the exploration changes were made I wished to revisit route . However I cannot as if I choose visited stars beagle isn't on it or my route .
It seems that small issues or unrelated issues are being left alone or even written off . Whilst I understand that you must get a fair few issues please don't forget about the little stupid ones
NPC wanted scanned in super
NPC interdicted no fine
NPC miraculously clean I open fire and get a fine .
Issues in the cutter cockpit with not being able to read off the right hand menu because of the glare
To name a few .
A response would be nice
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