Twitch Youtube Promotion Suggestions

Unfortunately the alpha release has had zero traction with these outlets which is unfortunate but not predicted. Every new game wants to catch a spark with these communities and often the least likely does so. Nether the less I would suggest reaching out to Dan's Gaming on Twitch as he naturally loves these types of games and may not be aware it was released as he tends to look at upcoming Steam lists.

Youtuber's we know and love within this genre have already uploaded their videos but not comanded any huge numbers. So, withouut suggesting you completely sell out your heart and soul I'd suggest nudging a few people with free codes for the game. Maybe us here, the community could give you names of people we'd like to watch play it?


: Savasdas
Dan's Gaming

Youtube: (that aren't already playing) Pewdiepie (lol), Yogscast no lol, Sips or Sjin

Beachil (terrariahelp)
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If anyone wants to add their own channel etc I could reformat the op to be about people to watch who are already broadcasting PC content.
The highest viewer has 14 views. Its tragic, As I said previously, Dans gaming gets 4000 viewers regularly for new games. Everyone follows Dan so then you would get more streamers. Idk what to tell you other than contact Dan on twitch
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