Type-7 Transporter to Beagle Point

TL;DR – I took a Type-7 Transporter to Beagle Point, Sagittarius A*, Colonia, and Hutton Orbital as a tribute to those still on patrol in their Type-7 Transporters.

Ship Type: Lakon Spaceways Type-7 Transporter
ID: DSV-21
Name: Cetus (Scarab SRV: Callsign Diphda)
Build: https://s.orbis.zone/iqdi

From 2022.02.13 to 2022.03.16 I took a Type-7 Transporter on a journey to some of the more famous remote parts of the galaxy. I dedicate this trip to those who are no longer with us, last seen in their Type-7 Transporters.

I started this trip by picking up 1 ton of Lavian Brandy, 1 ton of Hutton Mugs, and set a course into the black. From the bubble I headed towards Colonia and stopped at Jaques Station. After a brief respite I worked my way to Beagle Point. At the edge of the galaxy, so far from home, I jettisoned my libation. To those we’ve lost, to those ships still on patrol in the void, Godspeed and enjoy a mug of brandy on me until you find your way back home. After taking a moment of silence I started my way back to the bubble by way of Sag A* with a stopover at Explorer’s Anchorage to stretch my legs. I finished up the trip by swinging by “The View” and docking back at Jameson Memorial.

Check out this link for the adventures along the way:
Trip Stats: 2147 jumps; 184293.57 LY.

Godspeed CMDRs, I’ll see you out in the black! o7
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