UI : Fonctions and Keybinds

Hello everyone,

As someone who uses a lot of computer programs, I'm always frustrated when I play a game that does not have the basic shortcuts (Or when I can't properly play fallout 4 with an azerty keyboard...). I was glad to see that Planet Coaster will have the "undo" fonction, it is a good step towards a more pleasing UI and controls. But I believe there are a few other features that could help improve it further, especially if they are consistently keybinded :

- A search bar : This is IMO the most important one. On these kind of games, there is usually a lot of objects, and scrolling and searching one object in a wall of icons gets tiring quite fast. Being able to find it by simply typing a few letters would make it more pleasant.
One suggestion would be making it the same way Google Chrome did : a minimalistic bar that appear when we press [ctrl+F]. (So it doesn't have to alter the design)

- Duplicate [ctrl+D], Cut [ctrl+X], Copy [ctrl+C], Paste [ctrl+V], Replace [ctrl+H], (Example : imagine you have a forested area in your park that you want to expand : no need to go through the menu if you can just click on the trees and duplicate them)

Favorite / Bookmark [ctrl+B] Being able to favorite some objects to have them in a specific menu would be great. (Exemple : I am building a victorian themed park, and have put victorian-style lamposts, benches and fences in my fav menu; each time I build a new path, I can furnish it in a few seconds.)

- Filter/Sort : Some meaningful and useful Filters and sorts would be very welcome too, especialy on list menus (guests, staff, attractions ...).

- A sh*t ton of keybinds : I love keybinds, everybody love keybinds ! If I can put one on every single button, I will be the happiest player on the Planet, Coaster [yesnod].
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