Unload Platform / Multiple Station / Track Switch / Elevator

- The Idee is, to create more station for one coaster, so you can create unload platforms, so, it goes faster.

- Double station, with switchtrack, so you can build 2 stations, for one track, with switch.

YESSSSSS ! Need them ! Good idea ! (y)(y)(y)
RCT3 had separate unload stations way back when, and I've always wondered why Planet Coaster devs couldn't seem to accomplish the same thing. There are many examples of coasters where riders get off the ride at a separate station to where they are loaded and it just seems like a common sense way of increasing throughput.

Having dual stations with switch tracks for rides with typically low throughputs due to slow station operations would also be awesome. Probably too technically challenging for he devs though ;)
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