*UNOFFICIAL* Frontier Forums Developer Posts RSS feed

According to https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/436568-Hello-there!

So not an account I'll be scraping for this ED focused feed.

Thanks for the heads up though.

Here is the other thread he made in Elite Dangerous -> News Bulletins:

Greetings Commanders!

My name is Paul and I am joining you all today as part of the Frontier Community team!

I’ve worked in the games industry for a while now, on titles such as RuneScape and Fable Legends and I’m excited to be taking to the stars with you all in Elite Dangerous!

He also made a similar post on the Planet Coaster forums.
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Just finally done another run of my "find new possibly dev accounts" script and added a few new FDev employees, but no-one that's posted anything interesting so far.

Reminder: If anyone's curious about which accounts are being scraped, or that I know of but chose not to scrape, then check https://github.com/Athanasius/ed-devtracker/blob/master/ed-devtracker-memberids.json . Pay attention to the values of "active" keys. If that field is '1' then I'm scraping the account, if it's '0' then I'm not.
After some conversation in IRC about how long it's been since we've seen activity from certain known developers I manged to run up an SQL query to list the datestamp of the last post seen for each tracked developer.

So that's now at the following URL: https://ed.miggy.org/devtracker/frontier-dev-latest-post-times.html - this will update after each run of the collector script (so currently every 5 minutes).

That's also noted, along with the search interface on the main url: https://ed.miggy.org/devposts.html
New firefox update completely borked the miggy rss feed for me. Something about can't find html style, then when refreshed, blank page.
I've seen https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/478318-Forum-revamp-coming-soon and have been aware of this coming change now for some time. I don't yet know what this means for my RSS feed. In theory the new forums will simply have a viable 'dev' RSS feed as part of their core functionality. It's possible that feed might have all the QA-* and other accounts in it that I ignore though. If that's the case then I might take the time to write something to pull that feed and filter it.

If I need to entirely rewrite my scraper for the new forums then don't hold your breath. I've been taking less and less active interest in the game the past months and have little incentive to do the necessary work. If anyone else wants to step up then the code (in perl) is available here: https://github.com/Athanasius/ed-devtracker
Once the forum switch happens I'll make an archive of the old-forum dev posts I have accessible under https://ed.miggy.org/devtracker/ . It will be the full-text version of posts where available. Keep in mind that some posts may have been edited after I scraped them and the archive version will be what I have, not the final version of the post.

I'll have a think about the format of the dump. Easiest for me is to just push out the latest database backup, which is postgresql format by default, but I can do a 'portable' SQL one as well. If I find time I may convert to some sort of JSON format, but that would require writing some code. I guess I can also do a one-shot "all the posts" version of the RSS output.
So, we're on the new forums, and whilst there's URLs like https://forums.frontier.co.uk/find-threads/staffposted

  1. It might not be actually showing all the posts
  2. Putting ".rss" on the end of the URL results in an error
So, maybe I'll end up having to update my scraper. No promises, no ETA. There are per-user activity lists here too, I'm not sure how easy it will be to hit 'show more' enough for them to be useful, and it's possible that searches might be a better method this time if I do end up having to continue scraping.
Maybe I'm being dense, but how exactly are we supposed to find the new comments on that official dev tracker? Is there a button I'm not seeing?
That's a very good point. The only option is to click on the "X minutes ago" text, which if anyone else has posted since the last 'staff' post on the thread will take you to that non-staff post.
Yeah, I'd poked at that, but couldn't face adding the 10s of 'devs' I have in my list.

I'd really like the 'Staff / Developer Posts' to actually be about posts, rather than started threads as it is now. Then I can assume FDev will properly tag accounts and never have to worry about missing a new dev again.

As it is I'm going to give this until Thursday (4th April 2019), and if there's no sign of 1) That page being fixed to show posts, not just threads, and 2) The RSS feed for that page working, then I'll see about starting work on updating my scraper (and back date it to when the new forums first came up).
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