Patch Notes Update Update 1.1.02 Incoming - 4pm GMT

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Sorry, wasn't sure where to put this given the 1.1 thread is now closed but I've just discovered the rank based decals - COOL!

For those that hadn't appreciated what these were, there are now decals based on your current combat, trade and explorer rank that you can apply to your ship.

P.S. did the bug where everyone shows up as Harmless ever get fixed?
Any plans to fix the interdiction escape vector suddenly jumping to a new position (frequently off-screen), sometimes changing location several times, and sometimes even flickering back and forth between an on-screen and off-screen vector several times a second until your FSD fails because going sideways hurts your escape progress far quicker than going straight recovers it?

As an aside, are you really meant to potentially take hull damage even when escaping interdicion? Because I have previously received hull damage due to not being perfectly lined up at the moment the interdiction attempt failed. When you're at 11% hull, even 1% damage is scary! I've escaped from fights with 1% remaining before, and it's really worrisome that in the worst case scenario you could potentially die from *succeeding*!
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So I was one of the unlucky victims of the bugged ramming. I ended up paying a lot more than just the rebuy of my ASP, as I play as a pirate. I was slightly tickled by a victim of mine, which made me instantanelously combust.
The reason it cost me more than just my rebuy, was that I had last been docked at a Federation station. I had bounties for around 1.5-2m in total, and they were all payed off automatically upon rebuy.

Will this be reimbursed as well? And will the bounties be restored?
The reason I have interest in the bounties being restored, is that the other pirates laugh at my pathetic bounty now, and I'm ashamed - I was just starting to get it up there after having to start over after the bug with bounties dissapearing last week.
And bug with zero-count of Assasination?

And why do you use this weird versioning of game? " 1.1.02". IMHO standard is 1.1.2., 1.1.3...

They're not taking any chances om the number of hotfixes that may be needed and dont want to run out of place numbers ;).. Excellent news on the fix though guys.
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