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will 1.1.02 bring planet landing? 10 new ships? Grouping and making guilds? Making hot coffe???


jokingly yours ;-)

hard work guys ;-)
repost here, since my other thread didnt seem to get any attention and i dont know if this is beeing worked on:

-The local bounty system seems not to work right. When hunting in Orrere System i got vouchers for Aliance, Empire and Federation as expected, BUT also for 3 local factions (as to be seen in the screenshot). There is only 1 station in Orrere (Sharon Lee Free Market) and it does not accept any of the vouchers. So the 3 minor faction vouchers can not be turned in anywhere.

​-The other problem i found in 1.1 is when you Kill-Warant and Cargo-Scan a ship at the same time, you wont get the bounty for it. When the ship is killed you get the message in the upper right corner that you got soandso much bounty, but you dont get an actual voucher for it.
​This behaviour is new to 1.1 as before i did cargo- and KWS scan at the same time without problems.

New bug since 1.1

Does anyone else have a new bug, whereby after selecting a station from the left hand menu whilst in SC, the chat comms box stays open, and pressing enter doesn't even close it? I find i have to scroll through the UI menus until i return them back to the closed's making things VERY frustrating!
Thanks Michael, I haven't been affected by any bugs but it's great to see you guys working hard to balance any issues. I'm finding engine noise a little too quiet but am happy to provide my own in the meantime.... brrrrrrmmmmm, parp parp!
Super-fast patching, and a raft of good stuff in 1.1. Thanks for the hard work and commitment to this game we all love!

Any sort of refund for somebody who died to the collision bug and couldn't afford the insurance? Lost a T9 heavy and I had to go sidewinder - boom 90mil credits gone.
Not getting anyback is a bit harsh....
Any plans to fix the interdiction escape vector suddenly jumping to a new position (frequently off-screen), sometimes changing location several times, and sometimes even flickering back and forth between an on-screen and off-screen vector several times a second until your FSD fails because going sideways hurts your escape progress far quicker than going straight recovers it?

It would be interesting to see if "the telemetry stuff that was removed from supercruise", solves this problem you experience.

I've not been inderdicted that much so, have not noticed this.
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