Update 1.12 + Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters

I saw that too and couldn´t believe it! If they would at least tell us what the idea behind this is...Right now this almost feels like trolling on their part.
Well. At least i know i did not get it wrong. This does not help to reduce the frustration, but it is something.
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I really like the look of the new Ghostbusters Experience, similar to Ghostbusters 5D at Heide Park. Is there a non-themed vehicle option so that you can recreate similar 2D/3D screen based interactive rides like Justice League at Six Flags, Iron Reef at Knott's Berry Farm, Sesame Street at PortAventura and Popcorn Revenge at Walibi Belgium?

Quick Draw isn't the same type of ride, as it uses physical targets.

It's a shame that the Ghostbusters Experience cannot be added to a existing park and can only be played in a scenario or a separate new park, but I understand why (the limitation on the number of pieces in a blueprint).
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This game is full of mysterious decisions.
One would expect that ride sucess is determind by decoration and ridecycle.
No. It is capped, if i get it right, so some rides are doomed to be unsucessfull.
Maybe it is because we would like to get some more kiddierides.
Now we got a really hugh one with a gigantic capacity not needed.
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