Update 1.5.2

Thank you Bo and the tremendous team for all of the amazing work and content . . . and as for Robert K's suggestion above - that is the penultimate train carriage for the trains - (although completely adore the other two versions) that one above would be soooo appreciated - thanks team and Robert K for the great carriage picture, happy holidays, G
Hi coaster friends,

[*]Guests will no longer walk off of paths over water when visiting Vista Points

I literally busted out laughing! I didn't notice we had guests walking over water. That hasn't happened since the biblical days lol.[haha]

Continue with the great work Frontier!!!

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I really would like a fix for the steam trains and monorail as well so that people will ride them with just one station. I wish someday they would make a train with coaches that have forward facing seats and have open sides like this.

+1 !!!!!
Vista points?....Buggy boat rides?....what am i missing?
...I'm still playing with the mummies, and the waterfalls.
Just so much fun.
Where to begin?
Merry Christmas all. [tongue]
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Is it just me or my perception or did guest behaviour in the queues change with the new updates?
I always thought that guests would stop their "searching for something"-animation (shielding eyes from the sun and looking around) and their "I can´t find something"-animation.
Now they just keep on doing it while queueing for rides. They also tend to look angry quite a lot but their thoughts don´t particularly reflect their animated needs.
with guests having cell phones it would be cool if guest groups broke up like they did in rct3 for rides and meet up at different spots. [big grin]
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