Update 1.7.2


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Hi all,

We've updated Planet Coaster today to version 1.7.2 to address some of the issues you have raised. Check out the changes below!

Staff, Guests and Facilities Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where staff members would get stuck at Park Spawn Points if path was deleted beneath them
  • Fixed an issue where mechanics would not interact with rides to inspect or fix them
  • Fixed an issue where guests would not hold drinks correctly when collected from a vending machine
  • Adjusted the way shops connect to paths based on player feedback
- The original design was that shops should always be connected to paths
- This was not fully functional and was fixed in 1.7.0
- Based on player feedback, we have allowed guests to use shops that are very close to a path even if they are not directly connected​

Scenery Bug Fixes
  • Improved the icons for the Carnival Decorative Trims in the Vintage Pack
  • Fixed an issue where the Steam Engine Generator would produce steam when it wasn't animating
  • Improved the collision on the Bandstand in the Vintage Pack
  • Fixed an issue where parts of the Pavement 4m No Kerb item from the Studios Pack would disappear at range

We'll be continuing to review feedback and address issues so please continue to let us know if you come across any in the bug report section!
Very interesting point about not needing a path connection for shops anymore which raises a question that I'd be very eager to see answered..

Is this making moves to see if this works well in effort to remove the path footprint of vending machines maybe?
Will there ever be a fix for the guests falling through park benches (all benches). I've done made a bug report and attached a photo. Other than that, I'm glad Frontier has released a bug fix, really quickly.
[up] After all the overnight action on the steamdb thought there was a decent chance of an update today. Good work team!
I thought that too...also noticed (since 'Vintage' release) there's been a hefty update of over 300mb, Vintage was about 1.2Gb, so wonder what that could be.
Still no fix for Hyperspin flat ride not able to open after completing a full test run. I've reported this in the bug report section with pictures as well. I've been having this issue since 1.6 Can someone from Frontier look into this please?
I sure hope so. I'm having a feeling they have something up there sleeves. Maybe we will finally get a grand carousel and chairlift ride.
One step at a time, some of these issues can't be fixed immediately. Maybe in 1.7.3?
Assuming we get a 1.7.3 -- After 1.6.0 we only got to 1.6.2, with all the rest of the bugs waiting months until 1.7.0. [sulk]

That having been said, the fix-it devs efforts are much appreciated -- thanks!
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