Update 1.8.3 Out Now!

You should change the Success Rate 3.0 to the Third Star just like the Incubation Speed 3.0 when it gets unlocked in Challenge Mode instead of the Fourth Star, takes too long and waiting for the money to add up, to add more dinosaurs just in case if get dinosaur fails to incubate cause Success 2.0 makes 40% is not gonna be enough.

I tried to play though in Sanctuary on Jurassic Difficult
Hi everyone,

A new update is available for Jurassic World Evolution right now! Update 1.8.3 introduces a new addition to your sandbox island. One of the key points we've seen upon reading your feedback was that you'd like sand to be available on Isla Nublar, but there were some technical obstacles in the way which meant many of our solutions would not have been safe to implement. We're pleased to say though, the team have been working hard since update 1.8 launched and have found a way to add sand on Isla Nublar without causing issues to your existing islands!

Along with the addition of sand on Isla Nublar, we have a range of fixes for bugs that you've reported since update 1.8 released.

Thank you all for your reports, feedback and support.

Release Notes
  • Added sand to Isla Nublar sandbox
  • Fixed crash caused by vehicle task queues
  • Fixed crash from loading older saves
  • Fixed crash caused by delayed autosaves
  • Fixed "Executive Treatment" achievement (players will need to re-attempt this achievement from the start of Mission 3, but it will now unlock correctly)
  • Fixed Challenge Menu focusing issue
  • Fixed contract item progress placement issues
  • Fixed Ranger/ACU names bleeding out of UI
  • Fixed Indoraptor sometimes not eating from carnivore feeders
  • Fixed carnivores to eat from carcasses they haven't just hunted.
  • Fixed piscivores using the wrong feeding animation when eating from carcasses
  • Removed visibility cone from the Greenhouse

Hi, do you ever plan on making park rangers vunerable to attack? and what about giving Rangers the power to tranq dinosaurs too?
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