Patch Notes Update Update 3.3.01

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Ooh, interesting to see if the Vive fix works for WMR too, so far the missing effects were always shared between the two... :D
I hope it includes a fix for Duck's "EBL". I'm tired and disturbed of seeing his sig which he said would gladly change if the ps4 issue was ever fixed.
I wish I'd bought ED for my PS4, just to see this :) I'm too tight to pay Sony for the 'luxury' of online play that I get for free on the PC (not only ED!).
That said, I do hope Old Duck's wishes come true, I generally like the entertaining way he posts, he has made me smile a few times :)
doing checklist again after patchnotes

checklist of gamebreaking bugs after release

ctd when wingmate enters cz

empty cz

rondom freezes

false flaged enemys in cz (happens since a year now harder than ever before)

imposibility to play cz in a wing

keyboard locks while changein modes (mabe fixed acording to patchnotes)

missing civil war masacre missions

removing salt from disapointed players

all reported
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Not a single line for BGS.... So I guess it's working as intended...
Server Fixes

  • Fixed a number of adjudication and matchmaking server crashes
  • Fixed a number of transaction server performance and reliability issues
  • Fixed a cause of transaction server errors when selling exploration data
  • Retuned the balance of smuggling, crime, missions and selling exploration data with the faction simulation
  • Fixed a number of performance issues when processing the faction simulation
  • Fixed a server error with console players authenticating with the Companion API
  • Stop displaying first discovery names on the system map for star systems with that as their default discovery level, first mapping names should remain.
  • Server-side changes to recover more quickly from chat server failures
There were changes to BGS
Dream patch notes:

- removed the restriction on which modules can be used in which analysis/combat HUD mode
- restored surface rocks to ice worlds
- fixed bug where rocks start to float and SRV sinks into surface of planets
- added size 2 "limpet rack" module which can hold 2 limpet controllers
- removed restriction on needing to zero the throttle to enter FSS mode
- removed the restriction on needing to be in supercruise in order to use FSS and DSS
- added preview of the FSS system waveform to the main HUD following a honk
- added "accessibility" modes which provide colour schemes tailored to colour blindness and which reduce effects such as FSS blue blob pulsing known to trigger migraine attacks
- reduced the harshness of the new lighting system
- removed display of "press not bound to do XXX" messages
- made the Mamba be one of the fastest ships in the game and improved it's pitch rate slightly
- increased max squadron limit from 1 to 3
- tidied up the general use and appearance of the comms panel
- fixed the problem with pips constantly being changed when switching between ships and SRVs
- added more mysterious things

Errr, yeah ... that ought to do it for now! :D

Edit: oooh! I've been ninja'd by the actual patch notes appearing!

rushes off to check how many of the above are on the list
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FDev for next update please consider increasing max ship count per shipyard to match at least all the ships that are available in game. Now max is 35 while there is 38 ships in game.
fingers crossed that this will make the intermittent freezes where the entire game locks for 30+ seconds, and then starts going again go away!
I second that, I had it occur a bit too many times when i was docking or leaving the station, screen freeze but audio cues were still going and ended up NOT crashing my anaconda in the station, luckily.
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