Patch Notes Update Update 3.3.04

With a finite number of developers you have to prioritise and I guess that is what they have done.

For me there is a single fix in this release which should've been the number 1 priority bug fix above all other issues in the game.

  • Fixed a variety of situations that could cause players to be disconnected whilst playing

Blueprints missing?
Faction balancing?
FSS scanning issues?

All completely irrelevrant if you can't join a server or were constantly getting disconnected.

So personally, if this fixes that problem, I'm a happy bunny as it moves things forward and the game is better with the fix than without. Thanks FDev. [up]
(Fixed many situations that could lead to disconnection of players during the game.)
still throws out of the game, before the update was not like this and now just awful .....
Still getting 'System Scan Complete' spams even after 3.3.05. The cases seem to be star systems with multiple stars but no other objects to find. The game then announces one "System Scan Complete" for each star found.

:D S
STILL getting System Scan Complete voice spamming. Happens when there are only stars to discover and no planets.
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It needs to stop reporting it in text, specifically asteroid clusters, because that appears in the FSS view as you're zooming in on planets and stops it showing you the type of planet (the description is over-ridden by the blue-coloured messages).
Yes this, 1000 times this!
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