Patch Notes Update Update 3.3.05 for Consoles

Damn. I still cannot login to the server and there is no update available at microsoft store. I get the message: the game could not connect with the autentication server. I have checked my internet. It is fine. And I keep on trying to start. However it doesn't work for my xbox one. Could you pls take a look into it. This would be much apreciated.
Just to add: my xbox is running ED on ver Does the autentication error i am facing come from this Version being outdated?Presumably i need to get 3.3.5 to get it running. But my xbox does not find / offer a newer ver. What is wrong? Please help. Thx.
Yeah. Finally my xbox is updating fine. Thanks to you guys having read my post or even already been digging into it. Great work. Enjoy your beer! Cheers!
I was crashing with each variation of this bug on Xbox. Thank you for moving so fast to fix this, FD!
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AHEAD of schedule?? this is an FDev first I think! new year, new direction. about some early info on upcoming features? you maintain this new positive direction of course.
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Thanks for the fix. This is the first time I had an issue with the game and it was fixed straight away which was great. With so many people on these forums I am surprised at how empty CQC is. Maybe I came in too late to the game from release.
Hello, I have a problem that's been ongoing since the launch of Beyond, my fighter seems to ignore thargon swarms, "defend"/"engage at will" and "attack target" don't work as the fighter doesn't even recognize the thargon swarm. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Does anyone else have this problem?
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