Ships Upgrade after Cobra 3?

Im enjoying my Cobra MK3. Im able to fight more than one pirate and not have to look at the rebuy screen like I did in the eagle.

I can also do cargo missions that pay pretty good for a new player. It's a good all around ship IMO.

What would be the next ship upgrade that is as well rounded as the Cobra?

What was your upgrade ship? I enjoy doing a little of everything. Is the answer buying multiple ships from here out?
I went from C3 to Asp Explorer
It's a quite nice ship.

Then i got a Krait Mk2 - even better, but way more expensive.

And yes, eventually you will end up with a lot of ships
It all depends on how many credits you have in the bank.
Moving on from the Cobra MkIII is the point at which you may need to specialize for a bit whilst you rack up the credits to hit the next general purpose ship.

In my opinion, the next ship you should be aiming for is the Python. It is a larger all-purpose ship. Not too big, not too small. (bit of a paper thin hull but that can be catered for with hull reinforcements.)

Getting there though is the problem if you haven't got sufficient credits to move to it directly (about 70Mil to complete a reasonable outfit) then you need to specialize for a bit.

Passenger missions - Dolphin
Combat - Vulture or Chieftain
Mining - Keelback
Haulage - Type 6 or Keelback
Exploration - Asp Explorer

Also - Don't sell your old ships. You don't want to get into a situation where you move to something that you don't like and then can't find a shipyard with the ship and outfitting to allow you to go back.
If you're not into combat, try the T6. It has a decent cargo space (roughly the same as the AspX) and is manoeuverable and reasonable fast - if you have better than basic modules.
I reached Elite in a T6 (trading), so I then had sufficient credits to go up to a Python.
IIRC the progression was Sidey, Eagle, Cobra, T6, ASpX, Python (largest cargo carrier for a Medium landing pad)

I've done a few start-overs, and each time I did it a bit differently. First time I went Sidewinder, Hauler, Cobra, Vulture, Python...and on from there. Once I went Sidewinder, Viper MKIV, Clipper, and on from there. Last time I went Sidewinder, ViperMKIV, Keelback (miner), Krait MKII.

I have an ALT account that I like to clear and start over on from time to time. My main account has many, many ships, all of the big 3, etc. but it's fun to do the starting sequence again. Anyway, my point is that you can do it all sorts of ways.

Do whatever feels good to you!
How about the Alliance ships like the Challenger or the Chieftain? Price of the ship + A rated modules is about 60-70 million. You will have something that handles really awesome, packs a punch and even can haul some cargo ;)
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I think the Type-6 is a good way to go because you can get much higher paying haulage missions. If you get the Type-6, use it, sell it to get your Asp Explorer you may get to that ship faster than continuing to earn credits in your Cobra.
Upgrade is a bit of a misnomer to think of with regards to the Cobra III. You can literally do everything in the game in the trusty Cobra III!

But if you are talking about an overall size/capacity upgrade, Cobra IV (if you have it available) then Asp-X are really the next in line. Krait/Python etc are top end (read flipping expensive) but the Asp is a relative easy stepping stone with a bit of work.

Viper IV, Keelback and Asp-S are very much sidesteps into different ships while still being very comparable to the good ol' MKIII Cobra
Sidey>C3>AspX>DBX>Keelback>Python>Conda>Ieagle>ICourier>Clipper>Cutter>FGS>Vette>T10>Beluga>FDL>Conda>Python>Challenger>Krait>Sidey>C3>Phantom>Python>Krait>Sidey>Ieagles>Courier>Dbx>Mamba>Vulture>T9>Chieftain>Dolphin and maybe > Conda

there are poopoo load of ppl out there who owns alot more ship. money was an issue at the begining , but take your time .

Aspx helps to get the first Billion, after that the Python will get the rest , these 2 are your basic work horse.

K2 ,KP are good fun ship to have after the python. but once you have enough of them go for the conda.

you get the Idea.
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I have over 300million in assets and yet, I still spend most of my time; in my Cobras. 3 and 4, but 3 the most. It, to me, is just fun, I have a Clipper, FDL, but my Cobra III hardly ever gathers any dust.

If you 'had' go for another ship, then looking back; I would go for a Python. Its an all-rounder, but big, it can handle itself, in a fight and yet, can still land at an out-post. The only real issue is its speed. Which today, can be fixed at the Engineers.

Edit:- As stated above. Don't sell or strip out, your Cobra.
Keelback! Keep your Cobra, but transfer some A modules to the Keelie to save on some cash. Its not a huge jump up, but can earn you some cash and is fun to fly. Hop back into the Cobra for combat.
I can say one thing about the Cobra is that it is fast. I was trying to bite off more than I could chew on a Dangerous Pirate.

He was still at 100% and had me at 11% and I was able to Jump up out of there 🐰
I was a mostly combat player at the start (PvE) so I went
Sidey --> Cobra --> Vulture --> FdL --> (T7* -->) Python --> Anaconda.

The T7 at that point was a mistake, so I traded it in for a Python as soon as I could afford.
But going for an Asp Explorer won't be a bad idea either, very useful ship even lategame.
When I started a new character recently and went the hauler route, I flew Sidey > T6 > T7 > Python > Anaconda > T9 > Cutter. For purely trade, I would probably skip the Anaconda if I were to do it again. I sold the T6 and T7 once I got the python, but I still own the others.
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