Valve Index - graphical aberration - interlaced fringe on objects

I've got a Valve Index and everything runs fine with settings on VR High and VR Ultra (GTX 1080).

However, no matter what frequency I pick, (120, 144) the settings always reverts to 90Hz.

But more critically, when flying in an asteroid field all the asteroids and small debris have pixelated borders in an interlaced format (every other line) which is visible in the headset but not on the monitor window.

I tried all the VR presets from low to ultra without change. More or less detail, but still the same "fringe" on all objects.

Has anyone seen this? Any ideas what settings could eliminate it?

This has not appeared in any other game I have. I have to assume it is a graphics setting specific issue.
I had that issue when Supersampling was not set to a whole, half, or quarter number. For example

With SS at 1.0, 0.5, 0.75, 1.25 - asteroids look fine.

However, with SS at 0.85, or 1.15, or 1.2, the asteroids all looked terrible, with the exact effect you just described.
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