Community Event / Creation Vehicle Codex WIP - Help/Info needed

Greetings Commanders and Frontier!

I need your help.

On my Elite: Dangerous community website,, I have in the past created beginners guides, ship charts and of course my blueprint series. Being a sucker for projects that are more than I can handle, I have started on a vehicle codex for Elite.

I have begun to publish the Codex as a Work In Progress, so I can see how the format works and get feedback. The intention is to have a bible of Elite vehicles (not just flyable ships) with the most complete information anywhere. Later I want to add ship reviews, suggested loadouts and links to videos, etc.

Right now I have put together what is essentially a scaffold to flesh out, so please be patient as I put that flesh onto those bare bones. This is something I do mostly in my lunch-hour and in evenings when I get the chance, so my time is limited.

What do I need from you?

Well, information for a start. I need to know right now the speed (in m/s) armour and shields (in MJ) for the four skimmers, so I can finish off the Core Dynamics section. I did try racing a skimmer to clock its speed in my SLF, but that wasn't accurate and the skimmer tended to fly in circles.

I have managed to draw the S9 Goliath and I'm working on the S4, but does anyone know a good location to encounter the other two skimmers (S5LM and Stinger)? I need a lot of screenshots.


I'm sure there will be information or help needed from the community with getting screenshots of more obscure content further into the project.

Thanks in advance!


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I'm not sure what help I can be as I'm 8000LY's outside Colonia heading for Beagle.

I do have plenty of screenshots (thousands) and I will go through them when time permits.

Subscribing to this thread.

Came across this today in an old pre-Horizons PDF that someone had put together from assorted livestreams and comments by people like Michael Brooks. Thought you might like it here ..


Also spotted an interesting comment about when skimmers are destroyed they can be collected in the SRV and sold on the black market! Whatever became of that!?!?
Ed Lewis kindly supplied the stats and I've found and drawn the stinger, so I just need to track down the S5LM skimmer.
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