Ships VIP Passenger Party Sizes

I'm currently setting up a high end feeling VIP ship. I'm just wondering what the largest party size people have seen? This way I can prepare for more eventualities. Would a 12 berth first class cabin cover most, or is it worth having some more berths?
Are you talking about only VIP missions for your VIP ship then the largest group I see in my logs in 16. No indication of the cabin class they wanted in the logs sadly.

Of course if you want to take bulk passengers in your VIP ship then 54 is the max.
Awesome, thank you. Yeah, this ship is focusing on VIP only. The "so and so wants a sightseeing adventure" type stuff. Right now my Clipper is set up for 12 first class berths, but bumping that up to 16 shouldn't be too tricky.
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