Visitors stuck in the path OUTSIDE the zoo

I have quite often the problem of visitors and staff getting stuck in the middle of a path, even if it is a 10 meter wide path without any obstacle. Sometimes there are hundreds of people stuck in the same place and I have to move them manually or delete the path. However, today for the first time, this problem has appeared outside the zoo as you can see in the image:


I can't move the people or delete the path. I have only 45 visitors in my zoo because many visitors arriving get stuck before being able to enter the zoo.

I'm not sure how the issue tracker works. I have seen that some people have the problem of people stuck and I have contributed adding the image, but I think more people must contribute before Frontier has a look at the problem. This is the link where I posted:

Should I create a new issue? or how can I send the file to Frontier? It's the first time I'm using the issue tracker and It's not very clear how to proceed.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Hey @Aramar, thanks for posting this (alongside your Issue Tracker report), the screenshots were super helpful! This issue is something that we're currently working on resolving, and we're hoping to have it fixed in a future update.
Thanks for your answer. It's great to know you're working on it :)
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