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after format my pc and istall the game Elite Dangerous, Voice Attack responding but not executing commands........any help guys???

i have 6 crew
By "responding" I presume that you mean that it hears and recognises your voice, logs that recognition on its main window, but the programmed actions do not have effect.

1) If running Elite as administrator, you would also need to run VA as administrator - NOTE I do not advocate running EITHER as administrator - the opposite infact - both the programs should be run as an unprivileged user unless you have some other overriding reason.
2) The Elite Dangerous client window is not the active window at the time.
I generally target all of my VA actions at the "Elite - Dangerous (Client)" window (it's a setting in the "Options" button at the top of the profile window) - the only exceptions being my command to launch ED (targeted with the command at "Program Manager"), a command that I call "comms check" (which just speaks "Communications O K", as confidence VA is hearing me) and (in future) commands to launch other VA profiles.
3) Your key bindings don't match the VA macros any more (reprogram the bindings, and use advice elsewher in this forum to save your custom bindings under a different name so they do not get reset by updates, - also you can keep backups of that bindings file).
Don't have different tips from above but thought it might be useful to know that HCS VoicePacks are reduced at the moment (includes Singularity VA profile):

(I am not connected with the company, just use the packs.)
Usually this is fixed via #2 in McKeon's post above.

Once the profile is active, select "Edit" to get to the "Options" button and ensure that "Send commands to this Target" is set to "active window"

Hope this helps.
....ensure that "Send commands to this Target" is set to "active window"...
Targeting at the ED client window is better as it does not rely on the ED client window being active - (although you will have big other troubles if it's not!).

The best option is (with ED running) access the Options of your VA profile, select "Send commands to this target" then the right hand radio button (to the left of the drop down list), and "Elite - Dangerous (Client)" (which should be the title of the ED client window) from that list.

(added a few mins later - with IT security professionals hat on) - Remember, we are talking about an application that can inject control actions (keystrokes) on other applications. It's essential that those actions arrive at the intended application....My settings here ensure that..

Additionally if the keystroke cannot be delivered to the ED client window, an error will be listed in the VA log screen detailling that fact and thereby helping diagnosis.
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