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Wow, that vintage palace looks gorgeous. And the landscaping is very nice with those large skeletons.

Keep up the great work! :)
I really like the use of blocks of scenery (especially trees/shrubs) to represent areas, or even just to adorn a particular ride (can see it really well in screenshot 2 that you uploaded) It looks 'planned' but in a really realistic themepark sorta way. All the other screenshots of the coasters and things are cool too (some nice bends in there already!)… I like your use of 3d space generally, looking forward to spending a day here! *buys 6 terribly overpriced red bulls* contractors given you any idea all be it vague on an opening day yet? ;)
Thank you all for your great support! [cool]

I will try my best. The Wild Mouse is a very large building project and maybe a little to big to handle to be honest. I seriously have some creativity problems on it. The flat rides to come in the same area I have already drawed out in my mind. So I hope to have this ride finised a.s.a.p. so I can move on to new projects I have in mind to be honest.

I'm now working for 16 months on this Wotws Project and have now about aprox. 40 % of the map coverred. So for a project finishing Blueprint on steam I would count on early 2020 (Unless my YT channel would explode in the near future so I can work part time [big grin])
Hello all!

I have an update. But first this:

I'm stuck on creativity on the Vintage Wild Mouse theming. So for the moment I decide to let it go for a while.
So I started to work on a sort of 2nd round of gardening trough out the whole park. I've been from project to project but forgot to take an eye to the paths and surroundings.

So here some results of the work done :)

Extended the topfloor of the Vintage "Crazy mouse" building

Work in progress

Some inside theming put in place.

I gave the railroad it's first bridge structure.

I made a by-pass for the long distant walk from Predator to Rolling river.

New by-pass from the "Rolling River" side

Upgraded the pathway borders between "Overload" Topspin and "The Knockout"

Area shot by night

Then I created a set of 2 blue prints of the "Octopus Rodeo Arena"
I have one blueprint with some themed surroundings you find here:

And I created a full ride skin of the flat ride you can find here:

Thank you for your attention and goodbye for now :)
Thank you Wingrdiumlivicoaster [cool]

Continuing the upgrade on theming trough out the pak I found a Topspin without any theming except for some landscaping.
So time to give it some theming. I created some experimental machine for creating static electricity on massive scale. Add up a story of a crazy scientist and "Overload will go ehm overload...

Here the movie of the final of "Overload" it's program:


Here you find the ride skin blueprint on my steam account:

And here some pictures of the newly themed "Topspin"

With the new DLC I was able to add a cable chair lift ride to the park.
This was an addition that came from heaven. It gives a unique opportunity to fly trough the park and see it comes alive from a different angle.

I used 10 on-ride movies and blend them in to one full out and back on-ride creating the most of possible interaction with all the coasters and rides. I hope you will like it!


Rest me to thank you all for your support and comments. In 2019 Walk on the wild side Resort will grow on as long my processor will not die during the way.


Happy new year to you all!!
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A very good evening dears,

I’ve got some new stuff collected for a new update on "Wotws" themepark. The creation block is unfortunately still in place for the "Wild mouse" and "vintage palace" Project but I’m still going strong on upgrading the existing areas.

So here some pictures of the work done:

Status of the "Wild mouse" and “Vintage Palace” project.

Boulderdash got spotlights and got a better look in the night. The que has been given some lights and better gardening.

Put an extra trigger to the Kiddy coaster "Dragon Fury".

The paths arround "Boulderdash" and "Rolling River" has gotten some fencing, lights and improved gardening.

"Rolling River" got a better light set.

Another extra round of attention to the shops in this area.

I have been experimenting with flood lights and search light to have the area of "Predator" better visible in the night. Unfortunately it created to much light pollution for the surrounding area. Tried it later by placing floor lights just right under the skin of the skeletons and that did just the trick.

The same method I used on the track of "Predator" and created this effect:

Here I leave you with a new onride video of “Predator” in his new Night settings :)


For now I started a new Project for the park. Project 8 it is called for the moment. It will be the centre Castle of "Walk on the wild side" Themepark. And it will not be a Cinderella kind of thing but a little more sinister of course [big grin]

Pics say more!

The terraforming. This was the first setup but I found out very soon that this immediately killed the frame rate of the game with +1000 smoke nuzzles ;D

So Back to the basic and drawing table.

So we started to place the smoke more strategic so I needed less of them.
I made the tower shapes of rocks and turn them with 15 degrees to create a symmetric shape and start building a entrance building.

put in some lights.

Customized the operator boot.


And closed the roof.

This is it for the moment.
I hope you like the style of this Castle [cool]

See you all back soon! [happy]
I got some new developments on the Project no. 8 for you.

Entrance hall is enclosed and got a roof

Building the que line

New tower and ridegate

Back side and station

From above

So far the progress this week.
See you back soon!
Thank you Joel!

This project is fun indeed. [cool]

I made a little progress this week due to long days at work. (Freaking 7 days storm @ Rotterdam [weird]) So here some pictures of the growing project.

First inside theming

Central Hall and exit path

Ride station platform

2nd layer theming over the rock formation

Night shots

Hope I have more to show you next week.
Thanks for your attention
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