"We Are Elite" - contest for a cinematic video (unofficial) 🎥


Hi all. I have been planning this for a while for right after I finish my latest video.
The objective is simple - create a beautiful cinematic video inside of ED universe that tells your own story of being "Elite". Whether showcasing your personal journeys or helping empire rule the galaxy - it's up to you how you interpret it.

If you have any questions, ask here. I have also been offered a channel on Elite Events discord you may use for this contest discussion: https://discord.com/invite/5qkhGwDdHY

When you ready, submit a link to your work using this google form: https://forms.gle/ESXqSxjMLrFq2pqw7

What makes a great cinematic? It's the opposite of gameplay montage - perspective shifts away from what you see to you being seen, or just the scenery and others. It's the connection between takes that make a visual story. It's the music or background audio that sets the pace and mood. It may have narration, dialogues or in-game sounds. Or not. It's more of a movie experience, no hud, just pretty sights and a tale to tell.

Some rules:
  1. It must be your original work, recorded by you.
  2. It must be published/submitted to the world on or after 1 Jan 2024 - you can use your existing recordings to make this video, just don't post your old edits (but those already posted in 2024 are fine)
  3. It must not be offensive, derogatory and otherwise unsuitable.
It will be judged, by at least 3 judges on content (the story, premise, message) and quality (locations, takes, perspectives).
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A reminder - there is only about a month left, commanders. Heads up so that you still have time to work on your masterpiece!
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