We are the Wolfpack!

Greetings, CMDRs

Wolfpack Leader, here. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the future of this game we all love by protecting the people who play it. You may not have noticed us, as we've only just begun. But I assure you, we've been hard at work in CG systems, protecting the efforts of those players looking to earn some money.

One of the biggest reasons people leave Open play or even quit the game entirely is due to griefing and ganking. Players can lose hours and even weeks worth of progress in a single ganking. Most people have just accepted it as a part of the game, but they fail to realize the true depth of the situation.

The more people that leave this amazing community, the more the game suffers as a whole.

Our goal is to keep griefers busy and out of trouble in major systems where their actions can have a lasting effect. If we can't stop them, we can at least distract them.

Systems such as Eravate are especially at risk. New players often have no idea what they're doing, and far too many players take advantage of that. Imagine you've just started the game when suddenly a massive ship pulls up alongside you and destroys your ship before you can even blink. This is happening more and more frequently as some players get bored with the game and decide to entertain themselves at the expense of others.

We can't do this alone, however. We need the help of the community to end this problem.

If you would like to join our cause, or you simply want a way to contact us, the link to our Discord server is below. I look forward to working alongside anyone who is willing to help.

o7, CMDRs
Wolfpack Leader

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