We need scalable objects and animated and controllable fire/smoke/explosion effects

What i was most missing on building my dark ride "Treasures of Volcano Island" is that the scenery objects weren`t scalable!
If you look what people can do all over the internet with just rotating, moving objects and putting them together, than you can imagine what new possibilities this will bring to scenery building.... you really need this [shocked]

Another cool thing would be to have same fire/smoke/explosion-effects that you can add to a ride... best would be if it is programmable or controlled by a train/car that rides along.
And don´t forget to add LAVA [squeeeeee] i want to build the vulcano that i was dreaming of [cool]

Edit: Just seen that someone posted the same about scalable objects.... so see this as extra push to this matter ;)
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yep that was me about the scaleable objects probably :p and also, there's already been a topic on the particle effects and animated objects aswell, which kind of makes this topic useless but maybe it gets the attention of the devs who knows :D what i would also loooove is free turning objects on a grid. i hate that you're forced with 90degree turns when building on a grid and if you want it at an certain angle you need to make a whole new grid, would be cool if they would allow the angle snapping thing for grids :D