Powerplay Faction: Aisling Duval Weekly Objectives for Cycle 199

Good evening, Commanders.

Congratulations, everyone - thanks to your hard work the march continues and Reieni too is now controlled by the Princess.

This week will be more of the same as Mahiko is now ready for expansion (we seem to be very fortunate recently in decent targets becoming available!)

1) Expand Mahiko (the closest Controlled Systems are our new acquisitions Reieni or Chontaiko)
2) Fortify as usual
3) Hold your vote in case a new target needs preparing as well (we're on a roll after all)

To find out more about the primary Aisling Duval communication hub, our community Slack (including how to join), read the FAQ:

Also, to keep an eye on our dynamic objectives list, which changes as the cycle progresses, please visit the webpage at https://trello.com/b/HBY3rRZR/aisling-duval

Fly safe, Commanders.
I know they're changing the forums on Monday (and no one cleared that with ME!!! :mad: ) but please don't disappear. We like seeing your sly upward looking avatar every week. ;)
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