Powerplay Faction: Aisling Duval Weekly Objectives for Cycle 200

Good afternoon, Commanders.

Congratulations on the successful liberation of Mahiko which is now sheltered under the Princess's tender care.

Continuing the run, our old stomping ground of Kherthaje is up for expansion this week. You should know the drill by now.

So, for this week:

1) Expand Kherthaje (closest controlled system for delivery is Runapa)
2) Fortify as per the Trello
3) Hold you votes for now

To find out more about the primary Aisling Duval communication hub, our community Slack (including how to join), read the FAQ.

Also, to keep an eye on our dynamic objectives list, which changes as the cycle progresses, please visit the webpage at https://trello.com/b/HBY3rRZR/aisling-duval

Fly safe, Commanders.
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