Track Rides Western Manor (inspired by Phantom Manor)

Hi, everyone! My name's Nick and this is my first time ever posting something on the forums!

I've just finished this ride I called "Western Manor" and it is based on Phantom Manor, from Disneyland Paris. Only because the manor itself seats on the outside of the ride and because it's western themed. The full ride as one blueprint is uploaded on my Steam Workshop account as a park save. But I have also uploaded the whole thing divided into three blueprints: GREEN, YELLOW and RED and the mansion comes together once you have these three blocks side by side and on the same level as if they were placed in the same building, if that makes any sense...

I suggest that when placing it on your park, you have the entrance of the ride on a small hill and cover the back of the manor with lots of red western rocks, starting from the surroundings of the tunnel that takes you down to the station. The idea is to hide the entrance and exit tunnels, obviously. The showbuilding itself can be hidden by placing a hill on top of it as well. It is leveled in a way that the showbuilding seats way lower than the manor and in fact you can even build something else on top of it if you have a good leveled terrain.

I would love to know what you guys think about the ride! Thank you very much and it's really nice to be here! :) #iLovePlanco

FULL RIDE as a park save:
Part 1 (GREEN):
Part 2 (YELLOW):
Part 3 (RED):

You can follow me on instagram if you'd like: @nic_marlon
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