Game Discussions What are you playing while ED waits for Odyssey?

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Elite Dangerous - no sense in waiting, lots to do and I will be stuck with Horizons for the time being anyhow.
Some Halflife: Alyx, X-Wing Alliance with experimental VR mod, and some Planetside 2
Star Wars: Squadron will take some time soon, but I don't expect it to make it above the "some" part of my gametime
Baldurs Gate 3 will probably take quite a bit of my time.
Not sure why we need another version of:


Anyway, back to playing ED - plenty to be getting on with ;)
I'm alternating between ED and The Witcher 3.

As always with ED, I'm about 6 months behind everyone else. When everyone was mining the hell out of Borann to save up for a fleet carrier, I had no interest. Now that I'm starting to think I want a FC after all, mining to get the billions I need, whilst still the quickest way to do it (as far as I know), is not nearly as fast as it was.

I'm in Colonia so no known triple hotspots available as far as I'm aware.

I'd like to finish Far Cry 5 as well which someone else mentioned. I have a chronic problem with video games where I rarely actually finish them. I must've restarted Skyrim dozens of times but have never completed it. I wonder if there's some psychological reason behind that? Some deep-rooted character flaw?
TWWH2, Battle Brothers, Steel Division2. There are playthroughs waiting for X4, Hardspace Shipbreaker. I toyed with the idea of starting another Civ6 run. A couple of other games supplement the mix. I vary a lot. Eying Stormworks - they announced their 1.0 release and what I had played already looked pretty good. It's workshop had a player publish an amazing vehicle - a multi-utility flying cube in super small size - It's amazing.
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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