What did you do in Planet Zoo today?

What did you do in Planet Zoo today? I haven't gotten a chance to play yet, but I'm eager to see what everyone else has been doing. Feel free to share whatever you did today here, even if it's "boring", I'd still like to know.
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Nothing too exciting, extended my cold region zoo with a pair of handsome Formosan Bears to add to my bear collection. I haven't worked out what I want to do with my new franchise zoo in australia yet so while I'm pondering that I spent some time in the colder weather because I have quite a few Chinese animals in there so I've been contributing to the community challenge. So pottering mostly while I ponder my third franchise 'style' - can't decide between going really modern and colourful with more indoor areas than I usually have or whether to go for a more wildlife park aesthetic. My building skills are pretty crap so I tend to work more with terrain but you don't get better without practicing so I'm leaning towards modern and colourful - happy to get advice and inspiration!
I am still kind of checking all the new content. Have not played much in my zoo. Just been looking around in sandbox to try things such as new vending machines, checking what enrichment the new animals have etc. I would like to try the Australian scenario over the weekend and see how it goes.
Wasn't in the Game yet today but I will try to find out where the Cassowary Chicks are escaping all the Time and I hope for a lot more Success with my Pangolin Breeding Program. Maybe I will also build a Dingo Enclosure later (they are the only Australia Pack Animal I don't have already)
I treated myself with less work and more free time today and already traded out the lemurs in my zoo unity. The peafowls got a new habitat in that space of the world of color. The old peafowl habitat between the "World of color" and "World of plants" will be taken by the cassowary someday.

Now I'm starting to take the waaay too much space away from the llama habitat to maybe include the dingos next to them.
So I was able to play later today, and I expanded my new Australia section to include koalas. Instead of lumping it all into "Australia" I made a separate area called "Aus Woods." I also added an exhibit with death adder. Now my Australia section is only missing cassowary, burrowing cockroaches, and brown snakes.

Those koalas are so hilarious! I caught one in the act of escaping today, since I accidentally used steel mesh for the viewing area. The little guy was climbing down, determined, but very slow. I replaced the section with glass and stopped their antics for good. Finally, I did some work on my weirdly shaped snow leopard enclosure to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing, and then logged off.
Well that was yesterday since I'm writing this in the morning before work and I'll play today when I come home. Yay!

I did some finishing touches on my small picnic area and added some fences and foliage. I started building a red panda house which I'm pretty happy with. Today, I will build a forest path that leads to the house (the habitat will be hidden behind foliage) and I already made little statues out of the red panda scenery we have in the game. I image it like a lush forest leading to the habitat.
Last night I intended to work on my new sandbox zoo dedicated to the Australian Pack content. I ended up just pressing G and watching the kangaroos (the only animals I have in the zoo at the moment). I set the time of day to sunset and it all just looked super pretty and reminded me of being out in the desert when I was in Oz. (Minus the kangaroos).

Only bother I had was that the kangaroo's welfare was impacted by the heat in the Australian biome - which I thought was very odd.
I have a writing day with my best friend today, so for me it will be a late night game session. As much as I love spending time with my best friend, I really look forward to re-do my flamingo habitat. Already saved some reference pics for some old beach houses as a backdrop. the whole sourounding is beach-inspired. Oh, how much I wished for a semi-aquatical dlc right now.

(C'mon, Frontier, tell us what that unknowen app in the steamdatabase is :D)
Just saw my Kangaroos throwing their Ball out of the Enclosure and that one of my Veterinarians has Rainbow Hair. Also did some Adjustments to the Mountain in the Dingo Enclosure and still hope that my Pangolin Breeding Program will be even more successful
Breeding Lions and Giraffe in Franchise Mode, still going for my first Giraffe with 100/100/100/100, already working hard on it for nearly a week, just the market is not easy to find 100/100/XX/XX to buy to match my female Giraffes with 100/100/XX/XX, before i check the Compare Mates and see whether they are possible to breed 100/100/100/100 or not.

At the same time if you see any King Lion Mk4-M 00/00/00/00 or Queen Lion Mk-4 00/00/00/00, they are mostly likely from my Zoo anyway.
hmm... Maybe some X XX/XX/XX/XX are also from me, just for Lions and Giraffes i am not aiming to breed others for now.

** And King Tiger Mk-4M / Mk-4F 00/00/00/00 are also from me, not seeing any other change the same naming system as mine for now :)

*** The storage space is still the most annoying thing to restrict my breeding programme, always 50+/50 and most animals in there are 100/100/XX/XX that i am not willing to sell them most of the time...

**** That C.C. is just a number as money for now, around 100k-200k/day, still not having chances to spend it since the storage is always full...
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I took a whole bunch of pictures, xD I was going to start working on 2 new enclosures but got side tracked with taking pictures ): I have a picture taking addiction...
I found a white tiger on the market in sandbox mode (which is like the most exciting thing ever!) so I spent all day making an exhibit for her and a pair of black jaguars I found as well, and just now I found an albino Nile monitor, so that's my next project sorted. So excited to have the variants in the market from time to time in sandbox, it really adds to the fun.
You know, I was really planning to renovate not ALL habitats, but only a view and then build new ones and renovate the rest when the first draft of the zoo is finished and all animals are I want in that zoo are in.

What can I say...
I started a new zoo yesterday. :)
I never (or very seldom) renovate, because I rarly get more than about 5 to 8 habitats, until some new ideas pop up in my head, which can't be accomplished with the "old" zoo-version.
I started a new zoo yesterday. :)
I never (or very seldom) renovate, because I rarly get more than about 5 to 8 habitats, until some new ideas pop up in my head, which can't be accomplished with the "old" zoo-version.
I was exactly the same with my previoous projects. New ideas and not exactly room for renovating, after getting better with building. I SEEM to have overcome that now, since Unitys theming isn't that strict and I don't get bored so easily, because I can work on all three sections at once instead of working on an african section for month :D
I'm starting to plan out my new Australian section in my Sandbox zoo. My sections are all divided up by "mountain ranges", so that it really feels like you're in the environment (or that's what I want it to be eventually, anyway!). When the Aussie DLC dropped, I realised I had totally forgotten about Asia! So I'm shuffling things around with that now.
Started a new grassland franchise zoo. Made a gemsbok habitat as my first animal. Super basic right now but hope to edit one day. Going for camels as animal 2. Eventually going to have a large African safari ride through part of the African section of the zoo I plan on having. Of course I will also have a small Australian section as well. Can’t wait to play around with the new animals.

I also attempted to timed Australian dlc challenge.Yeah I failed that miserably lol.
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